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TR 36.889 (RAN1)
Feasibility Study on
Licensed-Assisted Access to Unlicensed Spectrum

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V13.0.0 (Wzip)  2015/07  87 p.

Rapporteur:  Dr. Koorapaty, Havish
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The purpose of this TR is to document the identified LTE enhancements and corresponding evaluations for a single global solution framework for licensed-assisted access to unlicensed spectrum. Dual connectivity and standalone access to unlicensed spectrum are not part of the study. Therefore, for LAA operation, a carrier in an unlicensed band cannot be configured as a PCell/PSCell in this Rel-13 study. This document:
  • addresses evaluation methodology and possible scenarios for LTE deployments, focusing on LTE Carrier Aggregation configurations;
  • documents the existing regulatory requirements for unlicensed spectrum deployment in the 5GHz bands;
  • identifies and defines design targets for coexistence with other unlicensed spectrum deployments, including fairness with respect to Wi-Fi and other LAA services;
  • identifies and captures coexistence evaluations of physical layer options and enhancements to LTE and, if necessary, LTE RAN protocols to meet the requirements and targets for unlicensed spectrum deployments;
  • contains an assessment of the feasibility of base station and terminal operation of 5GHz band (based on regulatory limits) in conjunction with relevant licensed frequency bands.