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TR 36.861RAN4
Study on LTE FDD in the Bands
1980-2010 MHz and 2170-2200 MHz

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WI Acronym:  FS_LTE_1980_2170_Korea
Rapporteur:  Mr. Hwang, Chungwoo

The frequency bands 1980-2010 MHz and 2170-2200 MHz was allocated for the satellite component of IMT in most countries, while it does not preclude the use of these bands for mobile services which are co-allocated to these bands as primary services in the Radio Regulations.
In fact, the Korean government is planning to take these bands into account to use for terrestrial IMT. Furthermore, the efficient spectrum utilization may be expected if the bands 1980-2010 MHz and 2170-2200 MHz are allocated for the mobile service because the adjacent band 1 (1920-1980 MHz and 2110-2200 MHz) is or will be used for LTE in several countries.
The purpose of this study item is to facilitate and harmonize the efficient use of these bands for terrestrial IMT, especially LTE, for Korea and other applicable countries in Region 3.
The terrestrial network equipment will adhere to all 3GPP emission masks to protect adjacent band services. It is expected that the impact on the co-existence with adjacent bands will be will be covered by this study

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1  ScopeWord-p. 6
2  References
3  Definitions and abbreviations
4  Background
5  Band-specific issues for LTE FDD
6  General issuesWord-p. 13
7  Study of E-UTRA specific issues
8  Study of Multi-Standard Radio or Mobile Station Receive (MSR) specific issuesWord-p. 28
9  Channel numbering for E-UTRA and MSR
A  A-MPR simulation results to protect Band 34Word-p. 29
B  A-MPR simulation results to protect Band 33/3Word-p. 48
C  Change historyWord-p. 54

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