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TR 36.844 (RAN4)
Study on expansion of LTE in the
1670-1675 MHz Band for the United States
to include 1670-1680 MHz Band

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V13.2.0 (Wzip)  2015/03  34 p.

Rapporteur:  Mr. Aliani, Maqbool

The present document is a technical report for "Expansion of LTE_FDD_1670_US to include 1670-1680 MHz Band for LTE in the US" study item, which was approved at 3GPP TSG RAN#59 [RP-130202]. The ID assigned to the study item is FS_LTE_FDD_1670_US.

The objective of this study item is to facilitate and harmonize the characteristics and efficient use of 1670-1680MHz DL duplexed with band 24 UL for LTE FDD deployment in US. In addition to the schedule and status of the study items, the report includes a description of the motivation, requirements, study results and specification recommendations.