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TR 36.833-6-41 (RAN4)
LTE-Advanced intra-band non-contiguous Carrier Aggregation
in Band 41 for 3DL

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Rapporteur:  Dr. Ng, Man Hung
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The present document presents scenarios for 3 CC downlink non-contiguous intra-band carrier aggregation for Band 41. To meet the market requirements of operators, bandwidth demands are increasing constantly. As such, to meet the market requirements of operators, especially in markets where contiguous spectrum is less available to an operator, other schemes are needed. Two CC carrier aggregation has been a successful mechanism to provide this additional bandwidth in some cases. However, there are still market requirements which require even higher bandwidth and greater flexibility. The next logical step in downlink carrier aggregation is to aggregate 3 CCs on the downlink. This work item proposes 3 CC intra-band non-contiguous DL CA with no changes to the UL.

The present document is a technical report of the LTE Advanced intra-band non-contiguous Carrier Aggregation in Band 41 for 3 DL work item which was approved at TSG RAN #62. The objective of this work item is to provide specification support for intra-band non-contiguous carrier aggregation in LTE TDD Band 41 for 3DL.

The present document provides motivation, requirements and a list of recommended changes to the specifications.