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TS 36.321RAN2
E-UTRA — Medium Access Control (MAC) protocol specification

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LTE Medium Access Control (MAC) protocol

WI Acronym:  LTE-L23
Rapporteur:  Mr. Folke, Mats

This TS specifies the E-UTRA MAC protocol. E-UTRA defines two MAC entities; one in the UE and one in the E-UTRAN. These MAC entities handle the following transport channels:
  • Broadcast Channel (BCH);
  • Downlink Shared Channel(s) (DL-SCH);
  • Paging Channel (PCH);
  • Uplink Shared Channel(s) (UL-SCH);
  • Random Access Channel(s) (RACH);
  • Multicast Channel(s) (MCH).
The exact functions performed by the MAC entities are different in the UE from those performed in the E-UTRAN. The Relay Node includes both MAC entities; one for communication with UEs and one for communication with the E-UTRAN.

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1  ScopeWord-p. 7
2  References
3  Definitions and abbreviationsWord-p. 8
4  GeneralWord-p. 12
5  MAC proceduresWord-p. 19
5.1  Random Access procedure
5.2  Maintenance of Uplink Time AlignmentWord-p. 31
5.3  DL-SCH data transferWord-p. 32
5.4  UL-SCH data transfer
5.5  PCH receptionWord-p. 53
5.6  BCH reception
5.7  Discontinuous Reception (DRX)Word-p. 54
5.7a  Discontinuous Reception (DRX) for SC-PTM [R13]Word-p. 57
5.8  MAC reconfigurationWord-p. 58
5.9  MAC Reset
5.10  Semi-Persistent SchedulingWord-p. 59
5.11  Handling of unknown, unforeseen and erroneous protocol dataWord-p. 61
5.12  MCH reception [R9]
5.13  Activation/Deactivation of SCells [R10]
5.14  SL-SCH Data transfer [R12]Word-p. 63
5.15  SL-DCH data transfer [R12]
5.16  SL-BCH data transfer [R12]Word-p. 79
5.17  Data inactivity monitoring [R14]
5.18  Recommended Bit Rate [R14]Up
5.19  Activation/Deactivation of CSI-RS resources [R14]Word-p. 80
5.20  Preallocated uplink grant [R14]
5.21  SC-PTM Stop Indication [R14]
5.22  Entering Dormant SCell state [R15]Word-p. 81
5.23  Autonomous Uplink [R15]Word-p. 82
5.24  Activation/Deactivation of PDCP duplication [R15]Word-p. 83
6  Protocol Data Units, formats and parameters
6.1  Protocol Data Units
6.1.1  General
6.1.2  MAC PDU (DL-SCH and UL-SCH except transparent MAC and Random Access Response, MCH)Up
6.1.3  MAC Control ElementsWord-p. 85
6.1.4  MAC PDU (transparent MAC)
6.1.5  MAC PDU (Random Access Response)
6.1.6  MAC PDU (SL-SCH) [R12]Word-p. 106
6.2  Formats and parametersWord-p. 108
7  Variables and constantsWord-p. 112
A (Normative)  Handling of measurement gapsWord-p. 120
B (Normative)  Contention resolution for RACH accessWord-p. 121
C  Intended UE behaviour for DRX Timers [R11]Word-p. 124
D (Normative)  List of CRs Containing Early Implementable Features and Corrections [R15]Word-p. 126
E  Change history

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