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TS 36.214RAN1
E-UTRA — Physical Layer Measurements

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WI Acronym:  LTE-Phys
Rapporteur:  Mr. Grovlen, Asbjorn

This TS contains the description and definition of the measurements done at the UE and network in order to support operation in idle mode and connected mode.

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1  ScopeWord-p. 6
2  References
3  Definitions, symbols and abbreviationsWord-p. 7
4  Control of UE/E-UTRAN measurements
5  Measurement capabilities for E-UTRAWord-p. 8
5.1  UE measurement capabilities
5.1.1  Reference Signal Received Power (RSRP)Word-p. 9
5.1.3  Reference Signal Received Quality (RSRQ)Word-p. 10
5.1.5  UTRA FDD carrier RSSI
5.1.6  UTRA FDD CPICH Ec/NoWord-p. 11
5.1.7  GSM carrier RSSI
5.1.10  CDMA2000 1x RTT Pilot Strength
5.1.11  CDMA2000 HRPD Pilot Strength
5.1.12  Reference signal time difference (RSTD) [R9]Word-p. 12
5.1.13  UE GNSS Timing of Cell Frames for UE positioning [R9]
5.1.14  UE GNSS code measurements [R9]Up
5.1.14A  UE GNSS carrier phase measurements [R15]
5.1.15  UE Rx - Tx time difference [R9]Word-p. 13
5.1.16  IEEE 802.11 WLAN RSSI [R12]
5.1.17  MBSFN Reference Signal Received Power (MBSFN RSRP) [R12]
5.1.18  MBSFN Reference Signal Received Quality (MBSFN RSRQ) [R12]Word-p. 14
5.1.19  Multicast Channel Block Error Rate (MCH BLER) [R12]
5.1.20  CSI Reference Signal Received Power (CSI-RSRP) [R12]
5.1.21  Sidelink Reference Signal Received Power (S-RSRP) [R12]Word-p. 15
5.1.22  Sidelink Discovery Reference Signal Received Power (SD-RSRP) [R13]
5.1.23  Reference signal-signal to noise and interference ratio (RS-SINR) [R13]Word-p. 16
5.1.24  Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) [R13]
5.1.25  SFN and subframe timing difference (SSTD) [R13]Word-p. 17
5.1.26  Narrowband Reference Signal Received Power (NRSRP) [R13]
5.1.27  Narrowband Reference Signal Received Quality (NRSRQ) [R13]Word-p. 18
5.1.28  Sidelink Received Signal Strength Indicator (S-RSSI) [R14]
5.1.29  PSSCH Reference Signal Received Power (PSSCH-RSRP) [R14]
5.1.30  Channel busy ratio (CBR) [R14]Word-p. 19
5.1.31  Channel occupancy ratio (CR) [R14]
5.1.32  NR SS reference signal received power (NR-SS-RSRP) [R15]Word-p. 20
5.1.33  NR SS reference signal received quality (NR-SS-RSRQ) [R15]Word-p. 21
5.1.34  SFN and frame timing difference (SFTD) [R15]Word-p. 22
5.1.35  NR SS signal-to-noise and interference ratio (NR-SS-SINR) [R15]
5.2  E-UTRAN measurement abilities
A  Change historyWord-p. 25

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