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TS 36.211 (RAN1)
Physical Channels and Modulation

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Rapporteur:  Dr. Parkvall, Stefan
See also:
TS 25.211 (UTRA FDD)  .213 (UTRA FDD)
TS 25.221 (UTRA TDD)  .223 (UTRA TDD) 

This TS describes the physical channels for evolved UTRA.

The following uplink physical channels are defined:
  • Physical Uplink Shared Channel, PUSCH
  • Physical Uplink Control Channel, PUCCH
  • Physical Random Access Channel, PRACH
The following downlink physical channels are defined:
  • Physical Downlink Shared Channel, PDSCH
  • Physical Broadcast Channel, PBCH
  • Physical Multicast Channel, PMCH
  • Physical Control Format Indicator Channel, PCFICH
  • Physical Downlink Control Channel, PDCCH
  • Physical Hybrid ARQ Indicator Channel, PHICH