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TR 29.863CT3
Feasibility Study
for the Multimedia Inter-Working
between the IP Multimedia Core Network (CN) Subsystem (IMS)
and Circuit Switched (CS) Networks

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Rapporteur:  Mr. Holm, Jan

This TR provides a feasibility study for the interworking of multimedia calls between the IP Multimedia CN Subsystem and CS networks (i.e. PSTN, ISDN and GSM/UMTS CS networks).
This TR studies and outlines different solutions and functionality required within the MGW to deliver the user plane aspects between IM CN subsystems and CS networks for support of basic multimedia calls. It also outlines the solutions and functionality required within the MGCF and SGW to deliver the control plane aspects between IM CN subsystems and CS networks to support basic multimedia calls.
This TR also studies the MONA interworking impacts, and which parts of MONA are feasible, or even possible, to interwork.
The user plane interworking necessary to cover the basic multimedia calls is also outlined and studied.
The different aspects studied for the different scenarios should encompass the transport protocol, transcoding and signalling issues for negotiation and mapping of bearer capabilities and QoS information.

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1  ScopeWord-p. 7
2  References
3  Definitions and abbreviationsWord-p. 8
4  Basic Multimedia calls inter-working between the IMS and CS Networks scenarios
5  Control plane inter-workingWord-p. 11
5.1  General
5.2  Functionalities required in the MGCF for multimedia calls supportUp
5.3  IM CN subsystem originated session
5.4  CS network originated sessionWord-p. 23
5.5  Service changeWord-p. 33
5.6  Call releaseWord-p. 38
6  User plane interworkingWord-p. 40
7  MGCF and IM-MGW interactions
7.1  H.248 Context Model
7.2  H.245 Termination at the IM-MGW
7.3  H.245 Termination at the MGCF
7.4  Media Oriented Negotiation Acceleration (MONA)
8  Conclusions and recommendationsWord-p. 67
A  Change historyWord-p. 68

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