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TS 29.380CT1
MCPTT Media Plane Control Interworking with LMR systems

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V16.0.0 (Wzip)  2019/12  88 p.

WI Acronym:  MCCI_CT
Rapporteur:  Mr. Monnes, Peter

The present document specifies the media plane control protocols and interactions with the media needed to support a Mission Critical Push To Talk (MCPTT) system interworking with a Land Mobile Radio (LMR) system. This interworking includes both the signalling and the media planes between the MCPTT system and the LMR system. The function between the MCPTT system and the LMR system is referred to as an Interworking Function (IWF).
The IWF supports the basic group and other features as specified in TS 23.283.

full Table of Contents for  TS 29.380  Word version:   16.0.0

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1  ScopeWord-p. 10
2  References
3  Definitions of terms, symbols and abbreviationsWord-p. 11
4  GeneralWord-p. 13
5  RolesWord-p. 18
6  Floor control
6.1  General
6.2  Floor participant procedures
6.3  Floor control server procedures
6.3.1  General
6.3.2  IWF performing the controlling role procedures at MCPTT call initializationWord-p. 20
6.3.3  Floor control procedures at MCPTT call releaseWord-p. 21
6.3.4  Floor control server state transition diagram for general floor control operation  General  State: 'Start-stop'Word-p. 23  State: 'G: Floor Idle'  State: 'G: Floor Taken'  State: 'G: pending Floor Revoke'  In any stateWord-p. 32  State: 'Releasing'  State: 'G: Floor Initialising'
6.3.5  Floor control server state transition diagram for basic floor control operation towards the floor participantWord-p. 34  General  State: 'Start-stop'Word-p. 36  State: 'U: not permitted and Floor Idle'Word-p. 39  State 'U: not permitted and Floor Taken'  State: 'U: permitted'  State: 'U: pending Floor Revoke'Up  State 'U: not permitted but sends media'  In any state  State: 'Releasing'Word-p. 56  State: 'U: not permitted and initiating'
6.3.6  Dual floor control
6.4  IWF performing the participating role floor control procedures
6.5  IWF performing the non-controlling role of an MCPTT group
6.5.4  Floor control server interface procedures
6.5.5  Floor participant interface procedures  General  State: 'Start-Stop'Word-p. 74  State: 'P: has no permission'  State: 'P: has permission'  In any state  State: 'P: Releasing'Word-p. 80
7  Off-network floor control
8  Coding
9  Call setup control over pre-established sessionUp
10  MBMS procedures
11  Configurable parameters
12  Extensions within the present document
13  Media plane security
14  SDP offer/ answer proceduresWord-p. 87
A  Change historyWord-p. 88

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