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TS 29.201 (CT3)
REST-Rx – Representational State Transfer Reference Point
between Application Function (AF)
and Protocol Converter (PC)

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Rapporteur:  Mr. Brinkmann, Horst

The present document describes the Representational State Transfer (REST) reference point REST-Rx, which is used to exchange application level session information between the Protocol Converter (PC) and the Application Function (AF). REST shall be used as an architectural style as appropriate.
The Rx reference point, which is based on Diameter, is defined between the PCRF and the AF in TS 29.214. If the AF supports RESTful HTTP and XML a Protocol Converter (PC) is needed. In this specification the interface between the AF and the PC is named REST-Rx. The REST-Rx interface shall be used in non-IMS scenarios only.
The PC converts the information, received over the REST-Rx interface, into information that can be used on the Diameter based Rx interface in order to get an access to the PCC architecture and vice versa. The PC manages RESTful resources, which are an integral part of the REST-Rx interface. As defined in the stage 2 specifications (TS 23.203), information from the AF is part of the input used by the PCRF for Policy and Charging Control (PCC) decisions. Signalling flows are specified in Annex A.

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1  Scope [R12]Word-p. 6
2  References [R12]
3  Definitions and abbreviations [R12]Word-p. 7
4  Representational State Transfer (REST) reference point based on Protocol Converter (PC) architecture [R12]Word-p. 8
5  Protocol [R12]Word-p. 14
6  Routing [R12]
7  Secure communication [R12]Word-p. 22
A  Call Flows [R12]Word-p. 23
B (Normative)  XML Schema [R12]Word-p. 29
C  Change historyWord-p. 36

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