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TS 29.165 (CT3)
Inter-IMS Network to Network Interface (NNI)

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V14.11.02019/06  163 p.
V13.13.0  2019/03  151 p.
V12.20.0  2019/03  155 p.
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Rapporteur:  Mr. Querio, Roberto
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The objective of this document is to address the Inter-IMS Network to Network Interface (II-NNI) consisting of Ici and Izi reference points between IMS networks in order to support end-to-end service interoperability.

full Table of Contents for  TS 29.165  Word version:   15.8.0


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1  Scope [R8]Word-p. 9
2  References [R8]
3  Definitions, symbols and abbreviations [R8]Word-p. 17
4  Overview [R8]Word-p. 20
5  Reference model for interconnection between IM CN subsystems [R8]Word-p. 22
6  Control plane interconnection [R8]Word-p. 25
7  User plane Interconnection [R8]Word-p. 40
8  Numbering, Naming and Addressing [R8]Word-p. 41
9  IP Version [R8]
10  Security [R8]
11  Charging [R8]
12  Supplementary services associated with the IMS multimedia telephony communication service [R8]Word-p. 44
12.1  General
12.2  Malicious Communication IDentification (MCID)
12.3  Originating Identification Presentation (OIP) and Originating Identification Restriction (OIR) [R9]Up
12.4  Terminating Identification Presentation (TIP) and Terminating Identification Restriction (TIR) [R9]Word-p. 45
12.5  Anonymous Communication Rejection (ACR) [R9]
12.6  Communication DIVersion (CDIV) [R9]
12.7  Communication Waiting (CW) [R9]Word-p. 46
12.8  Communication HOLD (HOLD) [R9]
12.9  Message Waiting Indication (MWI) [R9]
12.10  Communication Barring (CB) [R9]Word-p. 47
12.11  Completion of Communications to Busy Subscriber (CCBS) [R9]Up
12.12  Completion of Communications by No Reply (CCNR) [R9]Word-p. 48
12.13  Explicit Communication Transfer (ECT) [R9]
12.14  Customized Alerting Tone (CAT) [R9]
12.15  Customized Ringing Signal (CRS) [R9]
12.16  Closed User Group (CUG) [R9]Word-p. 50
12.17  Personal Network Management (PNM) [R9]
12.18  Three-Party (3PTY) [R9]
12.19  Conference (CONF) [R9]Up
12.20  Flexible Alerting (FA) [R9]Word-p. 51
12.21  Announcements [R9]
12.22  Advice Of Charge (AOC) [R9]
12.23  Completion of Communications on Not Logged-in (CCNL) [R10]Word-p. 53
12.24  Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) [R11]
12.25  Enhanced Calling Name (eCNAM) [R15]Word-p. 54
13  Interoperability of IMS Centralized Services (ICS) over II-NNI [R10]
14  Interoperability of IMS Service Continuity over II-NNI [R10]Word-p. 55
15  Presence service [R10]Word-p. 61
16  Messaging service [R10]Word-p. 65
17  Optimal Media Routeing [R10]Word-p. 66
18  Inter-UE transfer (IUT) [R10]
19  Roaming Architecture for Voice over IMS with Local Breakout [R11]Word-p. 69
20  Delivery of Media Resource Broker address information [R11]
21  Overload control [R11]Word-p. 70
22  Delivery of original destination identity [R12]
23  Telepresence using IMS [R12]Word-p. 71
24  Barring of premium rate numbers [R12]
25  P-CSCF restoration [R12]
26  Resource sharing [R13]Word-p. 72
27  Service access number translation [R13]
28  Mission critical services [R13]
29  Calling number verification using signature verification and attestation information [R14]
30  IMS emergency service [R14]
A  Summary of SIP header fields [R8]Up
B  Dynamic view of SIP header fields within SIP messages [R10]Word-p. 83
B.1  Scope
B.2  Methodology
B.3  ACK methodWord-p. 85
B.4  BYE methodWord-p. 86
B.5  CANCEL methodWord-p. 89
B.6  INFO methodWord-p. 90
B.7  INVITE methodWord-p. 94
B.8  MESSAGE methodWord-p. 99
B.9  NOTIFY methodWord-p. 103
B.10  OPTIONS methodWord-p. 106
B.11  PRACK methodWord-p. 109
B.12  PUBLISH methodWord-p. 112
B.13  REFER methodWord-p. 116
B.14  REGISTER methodWord-p. 119
B.15  SUBSCRIBE methodWord-p. 122
B.16  UPDATE methodWord-p. 126
C  The list of option items for II-NNI [R11]Word-p. 130
D  Change historyWord-p. 146

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