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TR 28.808 (SA5) ☆ (Rel-16 draft)
Study on Management and Orchestration aspects
of Integrated Satellite Components in a 5G Network

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Rapporteur:  Mr. MICHEL, Cyril

Satellite access has been included in the normative requirements for 5G. Satellite components have specific characteristics that have been identified in TR 22.822), in particular:
  • The altitude of the spacecraft(s) (several hundred to several tens of thousands of kilometres), leading to a regional (multiple-countries) or worldwide coverage by the satellite access network.
  • The possibility to support end-end overlay access network, on a global scale basis, including with the possibility to embark gNBs, or parts of gNBs on board spacecraft.
The scope of this document is:
  • to identify the main key issues associated with business roles, service and network management and orchestration of a 5G network with integrated satellite component(s) (whether as NG-RAN or non-3GPP access, or for transport), and
  • to study the associated solutions.
This study aims at minimising the impacts and the complexity of the satellite integration in the existing business model, management and orchestration of the current 5G network.

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1  ScopeWord-p. 5
2  References
3  Definitions and abbreviationsWord-p. 6
4  Use CasesWord-p. 7
5  Potential Requirements
6  Potential Solutions
7  Conclusions and Recommendations
A  Characteristics of satellite systemsWord-p. 10
B  Reference Models for Satellite Components Integration in the 5G SystemWord-p. 14
C  Change historyWord-p. 17

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