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TR 26.947SA4
Multimedia Broadcast/Multicast Service (MBMS) –
Selection and Characterisation
of Application Layer Forward Error Correction (FEC)

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Rapporteur:  Dr. Stockhammer, Thomas

The present document documents the progress of the work item to investigate and evaluate proposed FEC technologies and adopt one which provides the most significant enhancement to the performance of the MBMS system over the Release 6 application layer FEC in MBMS.

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1  ScopeWord-p. 8
2  References
3  Definitions, symbols and abbreviations
4  Use of FEC in MBMS
5  MBMS Bearer Service Channel ModellingWord-p. 14
6  FEC Evaluation ProcedureWord-p. 18
6.1  Introduction
6.2  Simulation Conditions
6.3  Code PerformanceWord-p. 20
6.4  Download PerformanceWord-p. 25
6.5  UTRAN Streaming PerformanceWord-p. 29
6.6  Streaming Performance over LTE
6.6a  Implementation-specific Performance MetricsWord-p. 32
6.7  Device-based Complexity Evaluation
7  FEC Candidates
8  Performance of FEC Codes
9  Other FEC EnhancementsUp
10  Conclusions
A  Simulation ConditionsWord-p. 56
B  Tools for device-based evaluationWord-p. 58
C  Change historyWord-p. 62

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