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TS 26.444SA4
Codec for Enhanced Voice Services (EVS) –
Test Sequences

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V16.2.1 (Wzip)2020/03  20 p.
V15.1.0 (PDF)  2018/12  10 p.
V14.3.0  2018/12  10 p.
V13.6.0  2018/12  10 p.
V12.11.0  2018/12  10 p.

Rapporteur:  Dr. Pobloth, Harald

This specification provides digital test sequences which are necessary to test for a bit exact implementation of the EVS codec, Voice Activity Detection, Comfort Noise Generation, Discontinuous Transmission, Concealment of Lost Packets, Jitter Buffer Management (JBM) and AMR-WB Interoperable Function, and for the testing of the bit exactness of implementations of the ANSI C code.
For a standard compliant implementation of the above specifications the encoder and decoder output sequences shall match the provided output test sequences in the corresponding ZIP files according to the attached Readme.txt file:
The test sequences for the EVS codec have a relevant size (1 799 996, 1 799 996 and 1 802 784 KBytes). Then, they were not included inside the spec file, but are stored at:
The filenames are: (used for testing of TS 26.442) (used for testing of TS 26.452) (used for testing of TS 26.443)
Note that the files above will be updated with each new version of the EVS source code specs, so that the corresponding version numbers of the related test sequences always match.

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