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TS 26.103SA4
Speech Codec List for GSM and UMTS

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Rapporteur:  Mr. Hellwig, Karl

This TS outlines the Codec Lists in 3GPP including both systems, GSM and UMTS, to be used by the Out of Band Transcoder Control (OoBTC) protocol to set up a call or modify a call in Transcoder Free Operation (TrFO) and in "transcoder at the edge" scenarios.
The TS also specifies the SDP description of 3GPP Codecs to be used within a SIP-I -based circuit switched core network as specifies in TS 23.231.
The TS further specifies the coding of the Supported Codec List Information Elements for the UMTS radio access technology.
The TS further reserves the Code Point for the CSData (dummy) Codec Type for the negotiation of A-Interface Type and the RTP redundancy for CS Data and Fax services, see TS 48.008.
The Supported Codec List IE includes Codec_Types from the TDMA and PDC systems, to support TFO or TrFO between UMTS and TDMA, or UMTS and PDC.

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