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TS 26.093SA4
Mandatory Speech Codec Speech Processing Functions –
Adaptive Multi-Rate (AMR) Speech Codec –
Source Controlled Rate Operation

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Rapporteur:  Dr. Bruhn, Stefan

This TS describes the Source Controlled Rate (SCR) operation of the Adaptive Multi-Rate speech Codec in Codec Types UMTS_AMR and UMTS_AMR2 for the UMTS system. The implementation of this SCR operation is mandatory in all UMTS equipment.

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1  ScopeWord-p. 6
2  References
3  Definitions, symbols and abbreviations
4  General
5  AMR SCR operationWord-p. 8
A (Normative)  AMR DTX handler for the GSM system (corresponding to GSM 06.93)Word-p. 13
B (Normative)  ETSI GSM-EFR SCR handlerWord-p. 22
C (Normative)  TIA IS-641 SCR HandlerWord-p. 24
D (Normative)  TIA TDMA-US1 SCR HandlerWord-p. 25
E (Normative)  ARIB PDC-EFR SCR HandlerWord-p. 26
F  Change historyWord-p. 28

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