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TR 22.816SA1
3GPP enhancement for TV service

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V14.1.0 (Wzip)  2016/03  31 p.

WI Acronym:  FS_EnTV
Rapporteur:  Mr. Li, ZhimingHuaWei Technologies Co., Ltd

This Technical Report describes use cases, proposes assumptions and potential requirements and analyzes the gap in order to enhance 3GPP system for TV service support. The supported TV service includes linear TV, Live, Video on Demand, smart TV, and Over The Top (OTT) content.

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1  ScopeWord-p. 7
2  References
3  Definitions and abbreviations
4  Use CasesWord-p. 8
4.1  Use Case 1: UHD content delivery
4.2  Use Case 2: Concurrent UHD content delivery
4.3  Use Case 3: Broadcast Capacity on-demand update per traffic demand
4.4  Use Case 4: Capacity on-demand for BC mode delivery of TV content
4.5  Use Case 5: eMBMS SharingWord-p. 12
4.6  Use Case 6: Flexible capacity allocation
4.7  Use Case 7: Standalone eMBMS NetworkWord-p. 14
4.8  Use Case 8: Access to and Charging of TV programs and Anonymity of Reception
4.9  Use Case 9: eMBMS Enhancements to support wide area TV subscribers
4.10  Use Case 10: Coverage for TV servicesUp
4.11  Use Case 11: Coverage on-demand for BC mode delivery of TV contentWord-p. 17
4.12  Use Case 12: Concurrent use of LTE based TV service and other 3GPP service and support of different resolution TV programsWord-p. 18
4.13  Use Case 13: Service Layer Function and Codec SupportUp
4.14  Use Case 14: Openness for streaming content delivery
4.15  Use Case 15: Efficient delivery of OTT content by MNO networkWord-p. 21
4.16  Use Case 16: Decoupled eMBMS content, service, and transport
4.17  Use Case 17: Simultaneous use of any LTE services from one cell and TV service from another cell
4.18  Use Case 18: Simultaneous use of any LTE services from one network and TV service from another networkUp
4.19  Use Case 19: Fixed Reception for TV program
4.20  Use case 20: Hybrid TV delivery
5  Potential RequirementsWord-p. 27
6  Conclusion and Recommendations
A  Change historyWord-p. 31

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