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TR 21.915SA
Release 15 Description –
Summary of Rel-15 Work Items

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V15.0.0 (PDF)  2019/09  120 p.

Rapporteur:  Mr. Sultan, Alain

The present document provides a summary of each Release 15 Feature or, whenever needed, of each significant Work Item. The information provided in this document is limited to an overview of each Feature, explaining briefly its purpose and the main lines of the system's behaviour to execute the Feature. More information is available by consulting the 3GPP Ultimate web site, as explained in "Annex C: Process to get further information".

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1  ScopeWord-p. 8
2  References
3  Definitions of terms, symbols and abbreviations
4  Rel-15 Executive SummaryWord-p. 9
5  The 5G System (5GS) - Phase 1
5.1  Work organisation for 5GS
5.2  The 5GS service aspects
5.3  Overview of the 5GS architectureWord-p. 10
5.5  One step deeper into the 5GSWord-p. 14
5.5.1  Functional split between Radio and Core
5.5.2  The 5G Core NetworkWord-p. 15
5.5.3  The 5G Access NetworkWord-p. 20
5.5.4  Radio Physical layer aspects
5.5.5  Frequency aspectsWord-p. 34
5.6  Other 5G aspectsWord-p. 36
6  Critical CommunicationsWord-p. 45
7  Machine-Type of Communications (MTC) and Internet of Things (IoT)Word-p. 49
8  Vehicle-to-Everything Communications (V2X) ImprovementsWord-p. 57
9  Improvements of Mission Critical (MC)Word-p. 59
10  Features related to WLAN and unlicensed spectrumWord-p. 64
11  Other new featuresWord-p. 68
12  System enhancementsWord-p. 72
12.1  Control plane - user plane separation
12.2  Quality of Experience (QoE) related FeaturesWord-p. 74
12.3  Security-related improvementsWord-p. 75
12.4  Virtual Reality (VR), TV, Codec and multimedia-related improvements
12.5  Codec and multimedia-related improvementsWord-p. 79
12.6  Active Antenna System (AAS)Word-p. 83
12.7  OAM improvementsWord-p. 85
12.8  Other enhancementsWord-p. 87
13  LTE improvementsWord-p. 94
14  OAM improvements
15  Work Items for which no summary is neededWord-p. 110
A  Structure of 5GS Rel-15 3GPP workWord-p. 112
B  Process to get further informationWord-p. 114
C  Change historyWord-p. 118

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