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7.6   Key issue: Limiting signalling due to idle mode mobility between E-UTRA and UTRA/GSM
7.7   Key Issue Intra LTE-Access-System Mobility in LTE_IDLE State      Up
7.8   Key Issue: Inter access system handover   Word-p. 45
7.8.1   Principles and terminologies
7.8.2   Inter access system handover between 3GPP access systems (UTRAN/Evolved HSPA/GERAN and SAE/LTE 3GPP access system)
7.8.3   Inter access system handover between 3GPP and non 3GPP access systems
7.9   Key Issue - Default IP Access Service   Word-p. 63
7.10   Key issue - IP connectivity with multiple PDNs   Word-p. 65

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