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TR 23.865 (SA2)
Study on WLAN network selection for 3GPP terminals

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V12.1.0 (Wzip)  2013/12  45 p.

Rapporteur:  Mr. Gupta, Vivek
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This Technical Report describes enhancements to solutions for WLAN network selection. The solutions are based on architectures as specified in TS 23.402 and will take into account Hotspot 2.0 specifications developed by the WFA.

3GPP operator's policies for WLAN network selection will be provisioned on 3GPP terminals via pre-configuration or using the ANDSF server for their delivery. The scope of the technical report will be as follows:
  • Evaluate existing 3GPP WLAN PLMN and access network selection procedures for 3GPP terminals which use Hotspot 2.0 procedures and provisioned network operator policy (e.g. mechanisms based on WLAN and ANDSF) for any needed changes to current specifications. This may require enhancements to the ANDSF framework. The established 3GPP PLMN network selection (according to TS 23.122) shall not be impacted. The work must ensure there are no conflicts between existing 3GPP PLMN network selection and the 3GPP WLAN PLMN access network selection procedures defined by this WID.
  • Ensure that the content in the Management Object related to 3GPP operator policy provisioning for WLAN network selection procedures and the operator policy provisioning in WFA MO for WLAN network selection are consistent.
  • Identify solutions to resolve potential conflicts between policies provided by non-3GPP providers via Hotspot 2.0 mechanisms and policies provided by 3GPP operators using ANDSF.
This work applies to non-seamless WLAN offload as well as to trusted and untrusted WLAN access to EPC with/without seamless offload. It will be investigated whether changes to 3GPP specifications are needed and if so which ones.


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