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TS 23.121 (SA2)
Architectural Requirements for Release 1999

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V3.6.0 (PDF)    2002/06    58 p.

Rapporteur:  Dr. Daniel, Elizabeth
Descendant:  TS 23.221    

This TS covers issues related to the evolution of the GSM platform towards UMTS with the overall goal of fulfilling the UMTS service requirements, the support of the UMTS role model, support of roaming and support of new functionality, signalling systems and interfaces.


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1   Scope   PDF-p. 6
2   References
3   Definitions
4   Working assumptions   PDF-p. 7
4.1   General
4.2   Iu Interface
4.3   UMTS Mobility Management (UMM)   PDF-p. 14
4.3.1   Location Management and Mobility Management concept overview
4.3.2   Description of the Location Management and Mobility Management Concept      Up
4.3.3   Relationship between MM and SM states for an UE
4.3.4   Requirement in case of temporarily loss of coverage of packet UE
4.3.5   MM functionality in different UE service states
4.3.6   The RRC state machine   PDF-p. 20      Up
4.3.7   Relationship between CS and PS service states and RRC state for an UE   PDF-p. 21
4.3.8   Service registration and location update   PDF-p. 22
4.3.9   Paging initiated by CN
4.3.10   Signalling connection establishment
4.3.10a   CS Domain Signalling Requirements (in particular relating to handover)   PDF-p. 24
4.3.11   Relations between SRNS relocation and Location registration
4.3.12   Requirements on Identifiers for UMTS and GSM   PDF-p. 25      Up
4.3.13   Use of TMSI signature   PDF-p. 26
4.3.14   Signalling procedures
4.3.15   Void
4.3.16   UTRAN coordination
4.4   UMTS call control   PDF-p. 36
4.5   Core network layer 3   PDF-p. 42      Up
4.6   Structure of radio interface layer 3   PDF-p. 43
4.7   Alternate Access technologies to UTRAN
4.8   Location of the IP compression function in UMTS
4.9   Short Message Service for UMTS      Up
4.10a   Cell Broadcast Service in UMTS   PDF-p. 46
4.10   Mobile IP for UMTS/GPRS End Users   PDF-p. 48
4.11   Allowed network and terminal configurations
5   UMTS to UMTS handover for circuit switched services   PDF-p. 51
6   Interoperability between GSM and UMTS
A   Reduction of UMTS signalling   PDF-p. 55
B   Change History   PDF-p. 56

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