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TS 23.401 (SA2)
GPRS Enhancements for E-UTRAN Access

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V15.2.0 (Wzip)    2017/12    404 p.
V14.6.0 (PDF)    2017/12    400 p.
V13.13.0    2017/12    386 p.
V12.11.0    2016/03    312 p.
V11.11.0    2014/12    289 p.
V10.13.0    2014/12    280 p.
V9.16.0    2014/12    258 p.
V8.18.0    2013/03    240 p.

Rapporteur:  Mr. Pudney, Chris
See also:  EPC-related TS/TR    

This TS defines the Stage 2 service description for the Evolved Packet System (EPS). The specification covers both roaming and non-roaming scenarios and covers all aspects, including mobility between E-UTRAN and pre-E-UTRAN 3GPP radio access technologies, policy control and charging, and authentication.

for V13, V14, V15:    Non-IP protection from broadcast messages   |   UE CIoT capability in RRC Connection Establishment request for TAU
for V14, V15:    Correction of capability indication for downlink NAS data PDU acknowledgment   |   Correction of APN Rate Control - interoperability with legacy UEs   |   Update of TAU procedure with SGW change and data forwarding   |   S11-U interface separation from S1-U interface   |   Data support for "voice centric" UE supporting CE mode B   |   Non-overlapping MMECs for CP CIOT EPS optimisation   |   Clarification on PS Data Off status reporting   |   CIoT corrections related to PDN Connections
for V15:    Secondary RAT related data usage reporting improvements   |   Secondary RAT related data usage reporting format from RAN   |   Secondary RAT related data usage reporting corrections   |   Introduction of Service Gap Control   |   Clarification on UE behavior when receiving single list of Exempt Services   |   Clarification of the case that HSS provide the Access Restriction   |   Enhanced VoLTE performance CR   |   Correction on the update of RAN in subscription change   |   Reliable Data Service with PtP SGi Tunneling   |   Modify Bearer Request during TAU   |   Data volume reporting when secondary RAT is using unlicensed spectrum   |   RAT Restriction when secondary RAT is using unlicensed spectrum   |   Use of ARP priority level in addition to QCI for packet handling   |   Correcting the condition for selection of PGW and SGW for NR as secondary RAT   |   Corrections to secondary RAT usage data reporting   |   Dual registration supported indicator from MME   |   Clean-up related to Secondary RAT related data usage reporting   |   Correction to Enhanced Coverage restriction   |   Editorial corrections for CIoT

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