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TR 23.711 (SA2)
Enhancements of Dedicated Core Networks selection mechanism

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V14.0.0 (Wzip)    2016/09    36 p.

Rapporteur:  Mr. Gustafsson, Roland
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The present document investigates and evaluates possible solutions to improve the DCN selection of DECOR feature by adding assistance from the UE.

The assistance information from the UE is intended to reduce signalling required to select a DCN associated with the UE. It shall complement the Rel-13 DECOR selection mechanism. All 3GPP RATs are supported i.e. E-UTRAN, UTRAN, GERAN and NB-IOT. The enhancement can also improve the separation between dedicated core networks by avoiding redirections between DCNs i.e. avoiding UEs accessing DCN in which it is not allowed. It is advantageous if the solution works when the UE change serving PLMN.


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1   Scope   Word-p. 6
2   References
3   Definitions and abbreviations
4   Architecture
5   Key Issues   Word-p. 8
6   Solutions
6.1   Solution #1: UE assistance information for selection of EPC DCN
6.2   Solution #2: UE assisted DCN selection
6.3   Solution #3: Dedicated Core Network (DCN) selection based on UE's indication to RAN
6.4   Solution #4: Assignment of DCN during the attach, TAU/RAU and service request procedure
6.5   Solution #5: DCN selection based on Usage Type and DCN Type
6.6   Solution #6: UE Usage Type provided by CN and stored in UE   Word-p. 26
6.7   Solution #7: Updating a UE after an HSS Initiated Update to the UE Usage Type
6.8   Solution #8: Congestion Control based on DCN ID and congestion level
6.9   Solution #9: NAS level Congestion Control based on DCN
6.10   Solution #10 Load Balancing for DCNs
7   Overall Evaluation
8   Conclusion      Up
A   Change history   Word-p. 36

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