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TR 23.979 (SA2)
3GPP enablers for Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) – Push-to-talk over Cellular (PoC) services; Stage 2

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V11.0.0    2012/09    40 p.
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Rapporteur:  Miss Sultana, Shabnam
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This TR studies the architectural requirements in order to enable services like PoC over 3GPP systems. This TR looks into aspects of using 3GPP PS domain and radio access technologies (GERAN, UTRAN) for bearer services and IMS for reachability and connectivity for applications like PoC.


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1   Scope   PDF-p. 6
2   References
3   Definitions, symbols and abbreviations   PDF-p. 7
4   Architectural Requirements   PDF-p. 8
5   Architectural Concept   PDF-p. 9
6   Conclusions   PDF-p. 24
A   Recommended QoS settings and configuration parameters for PoC   PDF-p. 25
B   Delay analysis of PoC session establishment   PDF-p. 29
C   Required SigComp performance   PDF-p. 36
D   Change history   PDF-p. 38

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