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6.5   EPC restoration procedure if the ISR is activated   Word-p. 30      Up
6.5.1   Introduction
6.5.2   Alternative Solutions for MME/SGSN failure
6.5.3   Alternative Solutions for SGW failure   Word-p. 34
6.6   Restoration of CS services after MME failure
6.7   Detection of EPC Node failure without Restart   Word-p. 43
6.8   EPC Node Restoration for Partial Failure of EPC nodes   Word-p. 44
6.8.0   Solutions for general enhancement to the Partial Failure when ISR is active
6.8.1   Alternative Solutions for MME Partial Failure      Up
6.8.2   Alternative Solutions for SGW Partial failure
6.8.3   Alternative Solutions for PGW failure   Word-p. 50
6.9   EPC Node Restoration for Partial Failure of EPC nodes when ISR is active
7   Conclusions and recommendations   Word-p. 53
A   Impacts to Specifications   Word-p. 63      Up
B   Change history   Word-p. 66

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