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6.3   Solutions for Scenario 3: Both service data flow charging and application usage charging is required per IP-CAN session
6.3.1   Alternative solution 1: sdf transfer
6.3.2   Alternative solution 2: Sy extension   Word-p. 37
6.3.3   Alternative solution 3: Correlation by OCS
6.3.4   Alternative solution 4: TDF marking and PCEF based application charging
6.3.5   Alternative solution 5: Bi-Directional Marking of Charged Packets
6.3.6   Alternative solution 6: TDF TFT analysis
6.3.7   Alternative solution 7: Returning the dropped packet
7   Evaluation   Word-p. 51
8   Conclusions   Word-p. 52
A   Application Based Charging for the applications with deducible service data flows (as supported in Rel-11)   Word-p. 54      Up
B   Packet Marking Mechanisms   Word-p. 55
C   Change history   Word-p. 60

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