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6.4   Solution 4 - GCSE architecture using IMS and eMBMS
6.5   Solution 5 - Group communications with pre-established MBMS broadcast Bearers and multicast/unicast switching      Up
6.6   Solution 6: MuSe with configurable geographic scope
6.7   Solution 7: Assign and Re-assign Priority and Pre-emption capability for the GC
6.8   Solution 8: Service continuity from unicast to multicast delivery      Up
6.9   Solution 9: Group Management and associated user interaction
6.10   Solution 10: Using pre-established eMBMS bearers as generic multicast delivery bearer
6.11   Solution 11: Scalability above the SGi reference
7   Evaluation
8   Conclusions   Word-p. 55
A   QoS and bearer parameters for Group Communications   Word-p. 58
B   Change history   Word-p. 63

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