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16   Architecture, Functional description and Procedures for GTP and PMIPv6 based S2a over Trusted WLAN Access [R11]   PDF-p. 244
16.1   Architecture and Functional Description
16.2   Initial Attach in WLAN on S2a   PDF-p. 259
16.3   Detach and PDN disconnection in WLAN on S2a   PDF-p. 269
16.4   PDN GW initiated Resource Allocation Deactivation in WLAN on S2a   PDF-p. 272
16.5   Dedicated bearer activation in WLAN on GTP S2a
16.6   Network-initiated bearer modification in WLAN on GTP S2a   PDF-p. 275
16.7   Detach in WLAN on S2a for Multi-connection Mode [R12]   PDF-p. 277
16.8   UE Initiated PDN connectivity request procedure in WLAN on S2a for Multi-connection Mode [R12]
16.9   UE/TWAN Initiated PDN disconnection for Multi-connection Mode [R12]   PDF-p. 282
16.10   Handover procedure from 3GPP access to WLAN on S2a [R12]
16.11   Handover procedure from WLAN on S2a to 3GPP access [R12]

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