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5.2   Public Safety Use Cases
5.2.1   General
5.2.2   ProSe Discovery Within Network Coverage   Word-p. 26
5.2.3   ProSe Discovery Out of Network Coverage      Up
5.2.4   Can Discover But Not Discoverable
5.2.5   Void
5.2.5A   Basic ProSe One-to-One Direct User Traffic Initiation in Public Safety Spectrum   Word-p. 28
5.2.6   Void
5.2.6A   UE with Multiple One-to-One Direct User Traffic Sessions in Public Safety Spectrum
5.2.7   ProSe Group
5.2.8   ProSe Broadcast   Word-p. 30      Up
5.2.9   ProSe Relay
5.2.10   ProSe Hybrid and Range Extension
5.2.11   ProSe Range
5.2.12   Public Safety Implicit Discovery
5.2.13   Co-existence of ProSe Communication and E-UTRAN communication      Up
6   Potential Requirements   Word-p. 35
7   Conclusion and recommendations
A   WLAN handling in ProSe   Word-p. 42
B   Potential Requirement Trace   Word-p. 43      Up
C   Change history   Word-p. 44

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