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TR 22.912 (SA1)
Study into network selection requirements for non-3GPP access

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Rapporteur:  Mr. Friel, Chris
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This TR considers the network selection procedures requirements for non-3GPP access types. The network selection principles covered include both automatic and manual selection. Also considered is the operator management of network preferences for non-3GPP access types and how the device accesses networks offered through non-3GPP access.

Non-3GPP access includes any method by which the UE is connected either to a core network or to a server other than by using the radio bearers standardised by 3GPP. Examples are: BlueTooth, WLAN and fixed (wired connections).

UEs considered in this study are UEs able to connect to a non-3GPP network in addition to its 3GPP capabilities (i.e. dual mode, multi-mode UEs).

This work in this TR is applicable to GSM and UMTS and there are no additional considerations of EPS (Evolved Packet System).

Roaming and handover conditions between 3GPP and non-3GPP networks is not under the scope of this document and will not be treated here. They may be referred to, however, for the consistency of use cases and access description consistency.

Connection to a 3GPP operator's core network by WLAN is out of scope where this is I-WLAN. This is covered in TS 22.234. Use of the Generic Access Network is out of scope. Considerations of tariffing are out of scope.


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