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TR 22.857 (SA2)
Run-time independent framework feasibility study

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(W-zip) V6.0.0    2002/12    46 p.

Rapporteur:  Mr. Bertenyi, Balazs
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This TR consists of a benefits analysis and a feasibility study on the creation of a framework enabling the application of MExE to arbitrary runtime environments.


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1 Scope    2 References    3 Definitions, symbols and abbreviations    3.1 Definitions    3.2 Symbols    3.3 Abbreviations    4 Current Situation    4.1 Delaying new technology adoption into 3GPP    4.2 Unbounded specification growth    4.3 Inefficient use of 3GPP technical resources    4.4 Uncertain implementation requirements    4.5 Potential fragmentation of the application market    4.6 Unclear technology requirements for classmarks    4.7 Summary of current situation    5 Reusable technology: An alternate approach    5.1 Security infrastructure    5.2 Service environment    5.3 Core software update    5.4 Provisioning a runtime environment    5.5 Multiple execution environment support    6 Integrating the Runtime Independent Framework into the Current MExE Specification    6.1 RTIF conformance requirements    6.2 UAProf extensions    6.3 Other MExE specification changes    7 Additional open issues    7.1 Binding executables to certificates and metadata    7.2 Root key certificate packaging and metadata    7.3 Handling of existing MExE classmarks    8 Out of scope issues    9 Conclusion    A Generic MExE Security    A.1 Introduction    A.2 MExE executable integrity    A.3 MExE executable permissions    A.4 Handling of MExE executables when their valid root public key is not available    A.5 User permission types    A.6 Root Public keys    A.7 Certification and authorisation architecture    A.8 Usage of Signed Content    A.9 Certificate fFormat    A.10 Certificate management    A.11 Separation of I/O streams    6.12 Core software download    A.13 Administrator Concept    B Change history   


1   Scope   Word-p. 6
2   References
3   Definitions, symbols and abbreviations
4   Current Situation
5   Reusable technology: An alternate approach
6   Integrating the Runtime Independent Framework into the Current MExE Specification   Word-p. 14
7   Additional open issues
8   Out of scope issues
9   Conclusion   Word-p. 18
A   Generic MExE Security   Word-p. 19
A.1   Introduction      Up
A.2   MExE executable integrity
A.3   MExE executable permissions
A.4   Handling of MExE executables when their valid root public key is not available   Word-p. 25
A.5   User permission types      Up
A.6   Root Public keys   Word-p. 26
A.7   Certification and authorisation architecture   Word-p. 30
A.8   Usage of Signed Content   Word-p. 34
A.9   Certificate fFormat
A.10   Certificate management      Up
A.11   Separation of I/O streams   Word-p. 41
6.12   Core software download
A.13   Administrator Concept
B   Change history   Word-p. 46

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