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TR 22.937 (SA1)
Requirements for service continuity between mobile and WLAN networks

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Rapporteur:  Dr. Swetina, Joerg
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This TR develops the use cases and requirements for service continuity between a 3GPP network and another network, which can be:
  • a TISPAN NGN with an IMS, accessed by a WLAN;
  • an ISP accessed via a WLAN.
Each access network has its own separate security system and the NOs have a commercial agreement for roaming and handover.

This TR also examines the requirements and implications of:
  • service aspects: maintaining service quality and service continuity, while roaming between a 3GPP PLMN and an independently-owned WLAN;
  • security aspects: while roaming between a 3GPP PLMN and a WLAN, in particular when networks may be independently authenticated;
  • UICC aspects, including NAA types, personalisation and ownership.
This TR is related to ongoing standardisation efforts in the following areas:
  • where the WLAN is an I-WLAN , requirements for which are described in TS 22.234;
  • methods for selecting the 3GPP or the non-3GPP access network, requirements for which are described in TR 22.912.


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