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TR 22.935 (SA1)
Feasibility study on Location Services (LCS) for WLAN interworking

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Rapporteur:  Mr. Loushine, Mike
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The 3GPP has developed and continues to develop Location Services (LCS) requirements and standards for GSM and UMTS. To further the advancement of LCS within the 3GPP, LCS requirements and standards may be extended for 3GPP WLAN interworking to support the same location-based services that have been deployed today for GSM and UMTS. LCS with 3GPP WLAN Interworking system is considered to enlarge the area of location services.

The purpose of the feasibility study is to study a generic interworking functionality for LCS between 3GPP system and WLAN systems (e.g. IEEE 802.11 family, HIPERLAN/2...). Specifically, the feasibility study aims to:
  • Study the LCS requirements for 3GPP WLAN Interworking scenarios.
  • Study the different possible LCS architectures for interworking.
Also, the feasibility study will:
  • Assess the service requirements for support of LCS over I-WLAN
  • Define the MMI aspects, i.e., the minimum set of functions to support LCS when the choice of access system by the user and/or terminal for when both access systems is available.
  • Assess the charging requirements and architecture impacts. In particular, consider whether or not WLAN charging for LCS should be integrated with the architecture for UMTS charging for LCS.
  • Assess the security requirements, given the prerequisite that a) the security level of the UMTS platform itself is not impacted, b) the security level provided to users in the WLAN mode is comparable to the one of UMTS.


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