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TR 22.949 (SA1)
Study on a generalized privacy capability

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Rapporteur:  Mr. Boote, Michael
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This TR aims to investigate and summarise the existing service requirements on privacy for 3GPP services. In order to ensure that these services and future 3GPP services will have a consistent set of rules that control the availability and usage of confidential information, it is the intention to identify a common way to handle privacy related information in the network.

Generic privacy requirements for the mobile industry are also being defined in [3] by the Open Mobile Alliance and it is the intention of this document to present the existing requirements and any alternatives to achieving the required functionality within 3GPP networks.

The scope of this study is to:
  • Identify privacy related information that is used in the 3GPP system;
  • Identify the existing 3GPP services that handle privacy related information;
  • Identify the various stakeholders that handle, control or consume personal data, and to define their relationships;
  • Document the definitions of the various functions, stakeholders and functions involved in a privacy capability;
  • Identify the work being done by other organizations and the additional work to be done by 3GPP.
The types of data subject to privacy rules within the scope of this study include
  • Privacy related information specific to an individual user;
  • Privacy related information relating to entities such as corporations;
  • Network data such as serving cell and broadcast area, e.g. data that relates to the user's location or presence in the network, and which could be used by applications to track the user.


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