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RFC 8499

DNS Terminology

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Obsoletes:  7719
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14. References

14.1. Normative References

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14.2. Informative References

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Top   ToC   RFC8499 - Page 43
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Appendix A. Definitions Updated by This Document

The following definitions from RFCs are updated by this document: o Forwarder in [RFC2308] o QNAME in [RFC2308] o Secure Entry Point (SEP) in [RFC3757]; note, however, that this RFC is already obsolete (see [RFC4033], [RFC4034], [RFC4035]).

Appendix B. Definitions First Defined in This Document

The following definitions are first defined in this document: o "Alias" in Section 2 o "Apex" in Section 7 o "arpa" in Section 7 o "Bailiwick" in Section 7 o "Class independent" in Section 5 o "Delegation-centric zone" in Section 7 o "Delegation" in Section 7 o "DNS operator" in Section 9 o "DNSSEC-aware" in Section 10 o "DNSSEC-unaware" in Section 10 o "Forwarding" in Section 6 o "Full resolver" in Section 6 o "Fully-qualified domain name" in Section 2 o "Global DNS" in Section 2 o "Hardware Security Module (HSM)" in Section 10 o "Host name" in Section 2 o "IDN" in Section 2
Top   ToC   RFC8499 - Page 45
   o  "In-bailiwick" in Section 7

   o  "Iterative resolution" in Section 6

   o  "Label" in Section 2

   o  "Locally served DNS zone" in Section 2

   o  "Naming system" in Section 2

   o  "Negative response" in Section 3

   o  "Non-recursive query" in Section 6

   o  "Open resolver" in Section 6

   o  "Out-of-bailiwick" in Section 7

   o  "Passive DNS" in Section 6

   o  "Policy-implementing resolver" in Section 6

   o  "Presentation format" in Section 5

   o  "Priming" in Section 6

   o  "Private DNS" in Section 2

   o  "Recursive resolver" in Section 6

   o  "Referrals" in Section 4

   o  "Registrant" in Section 9

   o  "Registrar" in Section 9

   o  "Registry" in Section 9

   o  "Root zone" in Section 7

   o  "Secure Entry Point (SEP)" in Section 10

   o  "Signing software" in Section 10

   o  "Split DNS" in Section 6

   o  "Stub resolver" in Section 6
Top   ToC   RFC8499 - Page 46
   o  "Subordinate" in Section 8

   o  "Superordinate" in Section 8

   o  "TLD" in Section 2

   o  "Validating resolver" in Section 10

   o  "Validation" in Section 10

   o  "View" in Section 6

   o  "Zone transfer" in Section 6


A Address records 16 Alias 9 Anycast 22 Apex 23 Asterisk label 27 Authoritative data 24 Authoritative server 19 Authoritative-only server 19 arpa: Address and Routing Parameter Area Domain 26 C CNAME 10 Canonical name 9 Child 22 Class 11 Class independent 16 Closest encloser 27 Closest provable encloser 27 Combined signing key (CSK) 33 D DNS operator 29 DNSSEC Policy (DP) 34 DNSSEC Practice Statement (DPS) 34 DNSSEC-aware and DNSSEC-unaware 30 Delegation 24 Delegation-centric zone 26 Domain name 5
Top   ToC   RFC8499 - Page 47
      EDNS  14
      EPP  28
      Empty non-terminals (ENT)  26

      FORMERR  10
      Fast flux DNS  26
      Forward lookup  26
      Forwarder  21
      Forwarding  20
      Full resolver  18
      Full-service resolver  18
      Fully-qualified domain name (FQDN)  8

      Global DNS  5
      Glue records  24

      Hardware security module (HSM)  34
      Hidden master  20
      Host name  8

      IDN  9
      In-bailiwick  25
      Insecure delegation  31
      Instance  22
      Internationalized Domain Name  9
      Iterative mode  17
      Iterative resolution  18

      Key signing key (KSK)  33

      Label  5
      Lame delegation  24
      Locally served DNS zone  8

      Master file  14
      Master server  19
      Multicast DNS  7
      mDNS  7
Top   ToC   RFC8499 - Page 48
      NODATA  10
      NOERROR  10
      NOTIMP  10
      NS  19
      NSEC  31
      NSEC3  31
      NXDOMAIN  10
      Naming system  4
      Negative caching  19
      Negative response  11
      Next closer name  28
      Non-recursive query  18

      OPT  14
      Occluded name  26
      Open resolver  21
      Opt-out  31
      Origin  23
      Out-of-bailiwick  25
      Owner  15

      Parent  23
      Passive DNS  22
      Policy-implementing resolver  21
      Presentation format  14
      Primary master  20
      Primary server  20
      Priming  18
      Privacy-enabling DNS server  22
      Private DNS  7
      Public suffix  29

      QNAME  11

      RDAP  29
      REFUSED  10
      RR  14
      RRset  14
      Recursive mode  17
      Recursive query  18
      Recursive resolver  17
      Referrals  13
      Registrant  28
Top   ToC   RFC8499 - Page 49
      Registrar  28
      Registry  28
      Resolver  16
      Reverse DNS, reverse lookup  26
      Root hints  18
      Root zone  26

      SERVFAIL  10
      SOA  14
      SOA field names  14
      Secondary server  19
      Secure Entry Point (SEP)  33
      Service name  27
      Signed zone  30
      Signing software  34
      Slave server  19
      Source of Synthesis  28
      Split DNS  21
      Split-horizon DNS  21
      Stealth server  20
      Stub resolver  17
      Subdomain  9
      Subordinate  29
      Superordinate  29

      TLD  9
      TTL  15
      Trust anchor  34

      Unsigned zone  30

      Validating resolver  33
      Validation  32
      View  21

      WHOIS  28
      Wildcard  27
      Wildcard domain name  27
Top   ToC   RFC8499 - Page 50
      Zone  22
      Zone cut  23
      Zone enumeration  31
      Zone signing key (ZSK)  33
      Zone transfer  19


The following is the Acknowledgements section of RFC 7719. The authors gratefully acknowledge all of the authors of DNS- related RFCs that proceed this one. Comments from Tony Finch, Stephane Bortzmeyer, Niall O'Reilly, Colm MacCarthaigh, Ray Bellis, John Kristoff, Robert Edmonds, Paul Wouters, Shumon Huque, Paul Ebersman, David Lawrence, Matthijs Mekking, Casey Deccio, Bob Harold, Ed Lewis, John Klensin, David Black, and many others in the DNSOP Working Group helped shape RFC 7719. Most of the major changes between RFC 7719 and this document came from active discussion on the DNSOP WG. Specific people who contributed material to this document include: Bob Harold, Dick Franks, Evan Hunt, John Dickinson, Mark Andrews, Martin Hoffmann, Paul Vixie, Peter Koch, Duane Wessels, Allison Mankin, Giovane Moura, Roni Even, Dan Romascanu, and Vladmir Cunat.

Authors' Addresses

Paul Hoffman ICANN Email: Andrew Sullivan Email: Kazunori Fujiwara Japan Registry Services Co., Ltd. Chiyoda First Bldg. East 13F, 3-8-1 Nishi-Kanda Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0065 Japan Phone: +81 3 5215 8451 Email: