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6.4   Key issue: Level of applying security for mitigation of GCSE risks/threats   Word-p. 23
6.5   Key Issue: GCSE security between UE and GCSE AS   Word-p. 27
6.6   Key issue: Communication between GCSE AS and BM-SC (MB2 interface)   Word-p. 29
6.7   Key issue: Transmitting Group Member identification   Word-p. 31
6.8   Key issue: Adding and removing group members   Word-p. 32
6.9   Key issue: Illegitimate access to UE   Word-p. 34
6.10   Key Issue: GCSE_LTE interaction with ProSe UE-to-Network Relays   Word-p. 35
6.11   Key Issue: Group key compromise   Word-p. 36
6.12   Key issue: Securing keys in the UE   Word-p. 37
6.13   Key issue: Decision point for using PtP and/or PtM   Word-p. 38
6.14   Key issue: Performance and scalability   Word-p. 39
7   Summary of threat and risk analysis   Word-p. 40
8   Potential security requirements for Rel-12      Up
9   Potential security solutions   Word-p. 41
10   Conclusions   Word-p. 42
A   Change history   Word-p. 44

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