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TR 33.829 (SA3)
Extended IMS Media Plane Security features

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V12.0.0 (Wzip)    2013/03    58 p.

Rapporteur:  Mr. Howard, Peter
See also:  TS 33.328    

The present document details relevant use cases/services for different user groups and corresponding solutions for IMS media plane security which are not covered by TS 33.328. The corresponding requirements in the Rel-9 study documented in TR 33.828 will be used as a basis. The covered use cases/services are: conference calls, protection of non-RTP media, early media, communication diversion, deferred delivery, protected media recording, video on demand, AS-terminated media security, transcoder functionality and SRVCC. Example user groups are enterprises, National Security and Public Safety (NSPS) organizations, different government authorities, and general public.


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1 Scope    2 References    3 Definitions, symbols and abbreviations    3.1 Definitions    3.2 Symbols    3.3 Abbreviations    4 Overview    5 IMS conferencing    5.1 Introduction    5.2 Use cases    5.3 Solution(s)    6 SRVCC    6.1 Introduction    6.2 Use case description    6.3 Solution(s)    7 Services for user groups with high security requirements    7.1 General    7.2 Use cases    7.3 Solution(s)    8 IMS messaging    8.1 Introduction    8.2 Use cases    8.3 Solution(s)    9 Communications diversion    9.1 Introduction    9.2 Use cases and requirements    9.3 Solution(s)    10 Mid-call lawful Interception    10.1 Introduction    10.2 Use cases    10.3 Solutions    11 IMS T.38 fax    11.1 Introduction    11.2 Use cases    11.3 Analysis    11.4 E2ae security for T.38 fax using DTLS    12 Conclusions    12.1 IMS messaging security    12.2 IMS conferencing security    12.3 IMS call diversion security    12.4 Mid-call start of intercept    12.5 IMS T.38 fax security    A IANA considerations    A.1 IANA assignments    B Pre-shared key MIME protection    B.1 New smime-type parameter    B.2 Creating an Auth-Enveloped message    B.3 Using MIKEY-TICKET to transfer the protection key    C MIKEY general extension payload for 3GPP ad-hoc conferencing    C.1 Payload format    D Setup of TLS-PSK using MIKEY    D.1 The TLS Prot Type    D.2 Establishing a TLS connection    D.3 Usage with SDP    E MIKEY-TICKET profile for pre-shared key MIME protection    F MIKEY general extension payload for message proof-of-origin    F.1 Payload format    G Change history   


1   Scope   Word-p. 7
2   References
3   Definitions, symbols and abbreviations   Word-p. 8
4   Overview
5   IMS conferencing
7   Services for user groups with high security requirements   Word-p. 27
8   IMS messaging   Word-p. 28
8.1   Introduction
8.2   Use cases
8.3   Solution(s)   Word-p. 33
9   Communications diversion   Word-p. 40
10   Mid-call lawful Interception   Word-p. 46
11   IMS T.38 fax   Word-p. 47
12   Conclusions
A   IANA considerations   Word-p. 51
B   Pre-shared key MIME protection   Word-p. 52
C   MIKEY general extension payload for 3GPP ad-hoc conferencing   Word-p. 54
D   Setup of TLS-PSK using MIKEY
E   MIKEY-TICKET profile for pre-shared key MIME protection
F   MIKEY general extension payload for message proof-of-origin   Word-p. 57
G   Change history

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