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draft-TR 33.880 (SA3)
Study on Mission Critical Security Enhancements

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(W-zip) V1.4.0    2017/08    83 p.

Rapporteur:  Mr. Haigh, Peter
See also:  MCX-related TS/TR    

This document contains a study of the security aspects of the Mission-Critical service. It enhances the security solutions defined for MCPTT in TS 33.179 to support the common functional architecture (MC_ARCH), enhancements to MCPTT (eMCPTT), data services (MCData), video services (MCVideo), migration and interconnect services with partner systems (MCSMI), and interworking with non-LTE systems (MCCI).

In each case, this study includes an analysis of the threats to the service, the security requirements to mitigate those threats and an evaluation of possible technical solutions designed to meet the security requirements of the service.


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1   Scope   Word-p. 6
2   References
3   Definitions, symbols and abbreviations   Word-p. 7
4   Overview of enhanced Mission Critical Services   Word-p. 9
5   Security analysis of Mission Critical services   Word-p. 11
5.1   General      Up
5.2   Cross-service key issues
5.3   Key issues on Common Functional Architecture (MC_ARCH)   Word-p. 17
5.4   Key issues on push-to-talk enhancements (eMCPTT)   Word-p. 19
5.5   Key issues on data communications (MCData)      Up
5.6   Key issues on video communications (MCVideo)   Word-p. 23
5.7   Key issues on migration and interconnect (MCSMI)   Word-p. 26
6   List of potential security requirements   Word-p. 28

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