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TS 33.203 (SA3)
3G security – Access security for IP-based services

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Rapporteur:  Dr. Prasad, Anand
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The scope for thiS TS is to specify the security features and mechanisms for secure access to the IM subsystem (IMS) for the 3G mobile telecommunication system.

Since the scope also encompasses the use of these security features and mechanisms for secure access to IMS in the context of fixed broadband networks and 3GPP2 networks, Annex L and Annex S specify how the material in the main body and other normative Annexes of this document apply to the fixed broadband networks and 3GPP2 networks respectively.

The IMS supports IP Multimedia applications such as video, audio and multimedia conferences. SIP, Session Initiation Protocol, was chosen as the signalling protocol for creating and terminating Multimedia sessions. This specification only deals with how the SIP signalling is protected between the subscriber and the IMS, how the subscriber is authenticated and how the subscriber authenticates the IMS.


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1  Scope [R5]PDF-p. 10
2  References [R5]
3  Definitions, symbols and abbreviations [R5]PDF-p. 13
4  Overview of the security architecture [R5]PDF-p. 14
5  Security features [R5]PDF-p. 17
6  Security mechanisms [R5]
7  Security association set-up procedure [R5]PDF-p. 27

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