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TR 33.924 (SA3)
Identity management and 3GPP security interworking –
Identity management and Generic Authentication Architecture (GAA) interworking

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Rapporteur:  Dr. Holtmanns, Silke
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3GPP SA3 outlined the interworking of the operator controlled GBA with the Liberty Alliance Identity Management. This was sufficient for the time of writing, but now new additional systems are deployed and used. If we want to enable interworking of operator centric identity management, then smooth interworking with those new systems need to be outlined. If this is not done, then a seamless interworking is not possible on global scale and it would be difficult to leverage the existing customer base and security level that operators have.

The objective is to extend the current identity management as outlined in TS 33.220, TS 33.222, TS 29.109 and TS 33.980 with the latest developments on identity management outside of the 3GPP sphere. This will allow a better integration and usage of identity management for services in 3GPP and seamless integration with existing services that are not standardized in 3GPP. This report outlines the interworking of GBA and OpenID.


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