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6   Proposed Solutions
6.1   Security for one to many V2X Direct Communication
6.2   Solution #2: V2X Communication Security
6.3   Solution for attach identifier obfuscation for vehicle UE privacy   Word-p. 47
6.4   Data communication security between network entities   Word-p. 50
6.5   Solution for Vehicle UE privacy from the MNO based on attach data   Word-p. 51
6.6   Solution for Vehicle UE privacy based on data traversing the network
6.7   Solution for authorization and accountability   Word-p. 54
6.8   Security of UE to V2X Control Function interface   Word-p. 56
6.9   Solution using encrypted IMSI to proven MNO identifying the UE   Word-p. 60
6.10   Solution for communication security with the V2X network entities
6.11   Solution #11: V2X Communication Security
6.12   Hiding UE identity from other V2X UEs and the serving network   Word-p. 67
6.13   Solution against V2X UE tracking based on PC5 autonomous mode   Word-p. 70
6.14   Providing privacy from serving network by using a dedicated V2X MVNO
6.15   A Vehicle UE Privacy Protection Framework with Homomorphic Encryption   Word-p. 72

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