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10   Interworking to the ISDN [R3]
10.1   Speech Calls   PDF-p. 38
10.2   Data Calls
10.2.1   Network interworking mobile originated
10.2.2   Network interworking mobile terminated
10.2.3   Transparent service support   PDF-p. 69
10.2.4   Non-transparent service support   Structure of the MSC/IWF for Iu mode   Structure of the MSC/IWF for A/Gb mode   PDF-p. 73      Up   Re-constitution of user data   Layer 2 relay functionality   In band signalling mapping flow control   PDF-p. 74   Data buffers   PDF-p. 75   BREAK Indication   Signalling mapping of modem or ISDN (V.110, V.120 or PIAFS) TA-function status information      Up   Support of out-band flow control   PDF-p. 76   Synchronizations   Data compression   Additional aspects of V.120 Interworking   PDF-p. 78      Up   Interworking with restricted 64 kbit/s networks   Service level up and down grading   Interworking in Frame Tunneling Mode   Additional aspects of PIAFS Interworking      Up
10.2.5   DTE/DCE interface (Filtering)   PDF-p. 80
10.3   Interworking Alternate speech facsimile group 3 calls
10.4   3G-H.324/M calls over UDI/RDI
11   Interworking between A/Gb mode MSC and Iu mode MSC [R3]

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