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TS 29.199-20 (CT)
Open Service Access (OSA)
Parlay X web services
Part 20: Multimedia Multicast Session Management

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V9.0.0 (PDF)  2009/12  30 p.
V8.1.0  2009/10  30 p.
V7.0.2  2007/06  30 p.

Rapporteur:  Mr. Keum, Chang sup
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The Multimedia multicast session management Web Service allows for a third party (e.g. application) to control a multicast session, its members and multimedia stream, and obtain channel presence information.

The Multimedia multicast session management is a simple Web Service consisting of three interfaces:
  • Multicast: the management of sessions and user participation in sessions
  • Multicast Notification: delivering channel presence information events to the application, as users join or leave multicast sessions
  • Multicast Notification Manager: providing on-line set up and tear down of notifications for channel presence information events
  • For control of a multimedia stream associated with a multicast session (e.g. start/stop/pause/resume), a third party (e.g. application) invokes the appropriate operations defined in TS 29.199-19.
The GPRS Packet network or IP Multicast Network delivers multimedia multicast streams from a multimedia source to users who are already participating in multicast sessions. The basic scenario is as follows:

An application creates a multicast session for personal broadcasting and plays the multicast stream. A unique identifier (i.e. multicast address) is assigned to the just-created multicast session. The user participating in the multicast session for personal broadcasting may wish to invite their friends to participate in the session. If the invited friends accept this invitation request, they see the same program for personal broadcasting on their terminals. They usually communicate with each other by using a multimedia over IP while they are participating in the same session. Furthermore the application monitors user participation status (i.e. joining or leaving the multicast session) using a notification mechanism. For example, if a friend has left the session, the application is notified.

This TS specifies the Multimedia multicast session management Web Service aspects of the interface.


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1  ScopePDF-p. 6
2  References
3  Definitions and abbreviationsPDF-p. 7
4  Detailed service descriptionPDF-p. 8
5  NamespacesPDF-p. 9
6  Sequence diagramsPDF-p. 10
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8  Web Service interface definitionPDF-p. 14Up
8.1  Interface: Multicast
8.2  Interface: MulticastNotificationManagerPDF-p. 19Up
8.3  Interface: MulticastNotificationPDF-p. 21
9  Fault definitionsPDF-p. 23
10  Service policies
A (Normative)  WSDL for Multimedia multicast session managementPDF-p. 24
B  BibliographyPDF-p. 25
C  Description of Parlay X Web Services Part 20: Multimedia multicast session management for 3GPP2 cdma2000 networksPDF-p. 26Up
D  Change historyPDF-p. 28

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