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TS 29.199-14 (CT)
Open Service Access (OSA)
Parlay X web services
Part 14: Presence

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Rapporteur:  Mr. Unmehopa, Musa
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The presence service allows for presence information to be obtained about one or more users and to register presence for the same. It is assumed that the typical client of these interfaces is either a supplier or a consumer of the presence information. An Instant Messaging application is a canonical example of such a client of this interface.

The OSA/Parlay PAM SCF is the straightforward option and implements the presence server with extended identity, device capability, and presence agent management. OSA/Parlay PAM allows aggregation of presence information from internet, mobile and enterprise users, etc. using a presence transport network of SIP or XMPP servers. The Presence Web Service can however communicate directly for example with IMS presence network elements (presence and resource list servers) using the ISC (SIP/SIMPLE) protocol interface.

This TS specifies the Presence Web Service aspects of the interface.


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1 Scope    2 References    3 Definitions and abbreviations    3.1 Definitions    3.2 Abbreviations    4 Detailed service description    5 Namespaces    6 Sequence diagrams    6.1 Interface flow overview    7 XML Schema data type definition    7.1 PresenceAttributeType enumeration    7.2 ActivityValue enumeration    7.3 PlaceTypeValue enumeration    7.4 PrivacyType enumeration    7.5 SphereValue enumeration    7.6 CommunicationMeansType enumeration    7.7 CommunicationMeans structure    7.8 CommunicationValue structure    7.9 OtherValue structure    7.10 PresenceAttribute structure    7.10a AttributeTypeAndValue union    7.11 SubscriptionRequest structure    7.13 CommunicationStatusType enumeration    7.14 PrivacyValue structure    7.15 MoodValue enumeration    7.16 PlaceIsValue structure    7.17 PlaceIsAudioValue enumeration    7.18 PlaceIsVideoValue enumeration    7.19 PlaceIsTextValue enumeration    7.20 RelationshipValue enumeration    7.21 TimeOffsetValue structure    7.22 StatusIconValue structure    7.23 Watcher structure    7.24 WatcherSubscriptionStatus enumeration    7.25 SubscriptionStatusTriggerEvent enumeration    7.26 Presence Notification structure    7.27 Validity structure    7.28 Authorization Value enumeration    7.29 DevicesProvided structure    7.30 PersonsProvided structure    7.31 ServicesProvided structure    7.32 AttributePermission structure    7.33 PresenceDataFormat enumeration   


1   Scope   PDF-p. 7
2   References
3   Definitions and abbreviations   PDF-p. 8
4   Detailed service description
5   Namespaces   PDF-p. 11
6   Sequence diagrams
7   XML Schema data type definition   PDF-p. 13

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