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TS 29.108 (RAN3)
Application of RANAP on the E-interface

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V3.3.0  2003/03  15 p.

Rapporteur:  Mr. Ahmed, Ayaz
Antecedent:  TS 09.08

This TS describes the subset of Radio Access Network Application Part (RANAP) messages and procedures, defined in TS 25.413, which is used on the E-interface. A general description can be found in TS 23.002 and TS 23.009.

For the initiation and execution of relocation of SRNS (relocation for short, throughout the whole document) between MSCs a subset of RANAP procedures are used. For the subsequent control of resources allocated to the User Equipment (UE) RANAP procedures are used. The Direct Transfer Elementary Procedure (EP) of RANAP, is used for the transfer of connection management and mobility management messages between the UE and the controlling 3G_MSC.


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