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TS 29.207 (CT3)
Policy control over Go interface

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V6.5.0 (PDF)    2005/10    61 p.
V5.9.0    2004/09    59 p.

Rapporteur:  Dr. Belling, Thomas
Descendant:  TS 29.212    

This TS provides the stage 3 specification of the Go interface, for Rel-6 only.


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1   Scope [R5]   PDF-p. 6
2   References [R5]
3   Definitions and abbreviations [R5]   PDF-p. 7
4   Go interface [R5]   PDF-p. 9
5   Policy control procedures [R5]   PDF-p. 17
6   Go protocol [R5]
A   Void
B  (Normative)   3GPP Go PIB [R5]   PDF-p. 31
C  (Normative)   Flow identifiers: Format definition and examples [R5]   PDF-p. 50
D  (Normative)   Go interface related error code values for the PDP context handling [R5]   PDF-p. 56      Up
E   Overview of the 3GPP Go PIB working mode [R5]   PDF-p. 57
F   Change history   PDF-p. 59

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