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TS 29.305 (CT4)
InterWorking Function (IWF) between
MAP-based and Diameter-based interfaces

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V10.4.0  2013/06  68 p.
V9.3.0  2013/06  67 p.
V8.5.0  2013/06  65 p.

Rapporteur:  Ms. Shi, Susan
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The content of this specification is a part of overall solution to meet the requirement of the interworking between EPS and the legacy system, mainly for the interfaces between S4-SGSN/MME and HSS/HLR/EIR.

This TS is to specify the InterWorking Function (IWF) between MAP-based Gr, Gf interfaces and Diameter-based S6a, S6d, S13, S13a interfaces.

For each IWF scenario, the present document will specify the mapping of related procedures and the corresponding parameter handling.

This TS will also specify the related mechanisms for the IWF, e.g. message routing, user data handling. The other mechanism, such as security, will also be described in this document as a part of the whole solution.

If there is no specific indication, the SGSN in the specification refers to a S4-SGSN which supports S4 interface.


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