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7   General on MAP services [R3]
7.1   Terminology and definitions
7.2   Modelling principles
7.3   Common MAP services   PDF-p. 55
7.4   Sequencing of services   PDF-p. 62
7.5   General rules for mapping of services onto TC   PDF-p. 63
7.6   Definition of parameters   PDF-p. 65
7.6.1   Common parameters
7.6.2   Numbering and identification parameters   PDF-p. 69   IMSI   TMSI   IMEI   IMEISV [R5]   Previous location area Id   Stored location area Id   Current location area Id   Target location area Id      Up   Target cell Id   Target RNC Id   Void   Originating entity number   PDF-p. 70   MSC number   Target MSC number   HLR number   VLR number   HLR Id   LMSI   MS ISDN      Up   Additional MSISDN [R11]   OMC Id   Roaming number   Relocation Number List   Void   Handover number   Forwarded-to number   PDF-p. 71   Long forwarded-to number   Long FTN Supported   Forwarded-to subaddress   Called number      Up   Calling number   Originally dialled number   Service centre address   Zone Code   MSIsdn-Alert   Location Information   Location Information for GPRS [R5]   Location Information for EPS [R9]   GMSC Address   VMSC Address   PDF-p. 72      Up   Group Id   North American Equal Access preferred Carrier Id   Void   Void   Serving cell Id   SGSN number   SGSN address   GGSN address   GGSN number   APN   Network Node number   PDF-p. 73   Network Node Diameter Address [R11]      Up   PDP-Type   Extension PDP-Type [R9]   PDP-Address   Extension PDP-Address [R9]   Additional number   Additional Network Node Diameter Address [R11]   Third Number [R11]   Third Network Node Diameter Address [R11]   P-TMSI   B-subscriber number   PDF-p. 74      Up   B-subscriber subaddress   LMU Number   MLC Number   Multicall Bearer Information   Multiple Bearer Requested   Multiple Bearer Not Supported   PDP-Charging Characteristics   Selected RAB ID   RAB ID   gsmSCF Address [R5]      Up   V-GMLC Address [R5]   Void   H-GMLC Address [R6]   PPR Address [R6]   PDF-p. 75   Routeing Number [R6]   Additional V-GMLC Address [R6]   MME Name [R9]   3GPP AAA Server Name [R9]   CSS number [R11]   SGSN Name [R12]   SGSN Realm [R12]      Up

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