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RFC 2828

Internet Security Glossary

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4. References

This Glossary focuses on the Internet Standards Process. Therefore, this set of references emphasizes international, governmental, and industry standards documents; only a few other texts are listed. RFCs are listed, but not Internet-Drafts, because the latter are not an archival document series and should not be cited or quoted in an RFC. [A3092] American National Standards Institute, "American National Standard Data Encryption Algorithm", ANSI X3.92-1981, 30 Dec 1980. [A9009] ---, "Financial Institution Message Authentication (Wholesale)", ANSI X9.9-1986, 15 Aug 1986. [A9017] ---, "Financial Institution Key Management (Wholesale)", X9.17, 4 Apr 1985. [Defines procedures for the manual and automated management of keying material and uses DES to provide key management for a variety of operational environments.] [A9042] ---, "Public key Cryptography for the Financial Service Industry: Agreement of Symmetric Keys Using Diffie-Hellman and MQV Algorithms", X9.42, 29 Jan 1999.
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   [A9052]  ---, "Triple Data Encryption Algorithm Modes of Operation",
            X9.52-1998, ANSI approval 9 Nov 1998.

   [A9062]  ---, "Public Key Cryptography for the Financial Services
            Industry: The Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm
            (ECDSA)", X9.62-1998, ANSI approval 7 Jan 1999.

   [ABA]    American Bar Association, "Digital Signature Guidelines:
            Legal Infrastructure for Certification Authorities and
            Secure Electronic Commerce", Chicago, IL, 1 Aug 1996.

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            ACM", Jul 1998 issue with: Minerva M. Yeung, "Digital
            Watermarking"; Nasir Memom and Ping Wah Wong, "Protecting
            Digital Media Content"; and Scott Craver, Boon-Lock Yeo, and
            Minerva Yeung, "Technical Trials and Legal Tribulations".

   [Army]   U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, "Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)
            and Tempest Protection for Facilities", EP 1110-3-2, 31 Dec

   [B7799]  British Standards Institution, "Information Security
            Management, Part 1: Code of Practice for Information
            Security Management", BS 7799-1:1999, effective 15 May 1999.

            ---, ---, "Part 2: Specification for Information Security
            Management Systems", BS 7799-2:1999, effective 15 May 1999.

   [Bell]   D. E. Bell and L. J. LaPadula, "Secure Computer Systems:
            Mathematical Foundations and Model", M74-244, The MITRE
            Corporation, Bedford, MA, May 1973. (Available as AD-771543,
            National Technical Information Service, Springfield, VA.)

   [CCIB]   Common Criteria Implementation Board, "Common Criteria for
            Information Technology Security Evaluation, Part 1:
            Introduction and General Model", ver. 2.1, CCIB-99-01, Aug

   [CIPSO]  Trusted Systems Interoperability Working Group, "Common IP
            Security Option", ver. 2.3, 9 Mar 1993. [A "work in
            progress" that is probably defunct.]

   [CSC1]   U.S. Department of Defense Computer Security Center,
            "Department of Defense Trusted Computer System Evaluation
            Criteria", CSC-STD-001-83, 15 Aug 1983. (Superseded by
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   [CSC2]   ---, "Department of Defense Password Management Guideline",
            CSC-STD-002-85, 12 Apr 1985.

   [CSC3]   ---, "Computer Security Requirements: Guidance for Applying
            the Department of Defense Trusted Computer System Evaluation
            Criteria in Specific Environments", CSC-STD-003-85, 25 Jun

   [CSOR]   U.S. Department of Commerce, "General Procedures for
            Registering Computer Security Objects", National Institute
            of Standards Interagency Report 5308, Dec 1993.

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            in "Communications of the ACM", vol. 19, no. 5, May 1976,
            pp. 236-243.

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            Cryptography" in "IEEE Transactions on Information Theory",
            vol. IT-22, no. 6, Nov 1976, pp. 644-654.

   [DOD1]   U.S. Department of Defense, "Department of Defense Trusted
            Computer System Evaluation Criteria", DoD 5200.28-STD, 26
            Dec 1985. (Supersedes [CSC1].)

   [DOD2]   ---, Directive 5200.28, "Security Requirements for Automated
            Information Systems (AISs)", 21 Mar 1988.

   [DOD3]   ---, "X.509 Certificate Policy", ver. 2, Mar 1999.

   [DOD4]   ---, "NSA Key Recovery Assessment Criteria", 8 Jun 1998.

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            Scheme Based on Discrete Logarithms" in "IEEE Transactions
            on Information Theory", vol. IT-31, no. 4, 1985, pp. 469-

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            Incorporated, and Visa International Service Association,
            "EMV '96 Integrated Circuit Card Specification for Payment
            Systems", ver. 3.1.1, 31 May 1998.

   [EMV2]   ---, "EMV '96 Integrated Circuit Card Terminal Specification
            for Payment Systems", ver. 3.1.1, 31 May 1998.

   [EMV3]   ---, EMV '96 Integrated Circuit Card Application
            Specification for Payment Systems", ver. 3.1.1, 31 May 1998.
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   [For94]  W. Ford, "Computer Communications Security: Principles,
            Standard Protocols and Techniques", ISBN 0-13-799453-2,

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            the Infrastructure for Digital Signatures and Encryption",
            ISBN 0-13-476342-4, 1994.

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            Processing Physical Security and Risk Management", Federal
            Information Processing Standards Publication (FIPS PUB) 31,
            Jun 1974.

   [FP039]  ---, "Glossary for Computer Systems Security", FIPS PUB 39,
            15 Feb 1976.

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            Accreditation", FIPS PUB 102, 27 Sep 1983.

   [FP113]  ---, "Computer Data Authentication", FIPS PUB 113, 30 May

   [FP140]  ---, "Security Requirements for Cryptographic Modules", FIPS
            PUB 140-1, 11 Jan 1994.

   [FP151]  ---, "Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX)--System
            Application Program Interface [C Language]", FIPS PUB 151-2,
            12 May 1993

   [FP180]  ---, "Secure Hash Standard", FIPS PUB 180-1, 17 Apr 1995.

   [FP185]  ---, "Escrowed Encryption Standard", FIPS PUB 185, 9 Feb

   [FP186]  ---, "Digital Signature Standard (DSS)", FIPS PUB 186, 19
            May 1994.

   [FP188]  ---, "Standard Security Label for Information Transfer",
            FIPS PUB 188, 6 Sep 1994.

   [FPDAM]  Collaborative ITU and ISO/IEC meeting on the Directory,
            "Final Proposed Draft Amendment on Certificate Extensions",
            April 1999. (This draft proposes changes to [X.509].)
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   [FPKI]   U.S. Department of Commerce, "Public Key Infrastructure
            (PKI) Technical Specifications: Part A--Technical Concept of
            Operations", National Institute of Standards, 4 Sep 1998.

   [I3166]  International Standards Organization, "Codes for the
            Representation of Names of countries and Their Subdivisions
            --Part 1: Country Codes", ISO 3166-1:1997.

            ---, --- "Part 2: Country Subdivision Codes", ISO/DIS 3166-

            ---, --- "Part 3: Codes for Formerly Used Names of
            Countries", ISO/DIS 3166-3.

   [I7498]  ---, "Information Processing Systems--Open Systems
            Interconnection Reference Model--[Part 1:] Basic Reference
            Model", ISO/IEC 7498-1. (Equivalent to ITU-T Recommendation

            ---, --- "Part 2: Security Architecture", ISO/IEC 7499-2.

            ---, --- "Part 4: Management Framework", ISO/IEC 7498-4.

   [I7812]  ---, "Identification cards--Identification of Issuers--Part
            1: Numbering System", ISO/IEC 7812-1:1993

            ---, --- "Part 2: Application and Registration Procedures",
            ISO/IEC 7812-2:1993.

   [I9945]  ---, "Portable Operating System Interface for Computer
            Environments", ISO/IEC 9945-1:1990.

   [I15408] ---, "Information Technology--Security Techniques--
            Evaluation criteria for IT Security--Part 1: Introduction
            and General Model", ISO/IEC 15408-1:1999.

   [ITSEC]  "Information Technology Security Evaluation Criteria
            (ITSEC): Harmonised Criteria of France, Germany, the
            Netherlands, and the United Kingdom", ver. 1.2, U.K.
            Department of Trade and Industry, Jun 1991.

   [Kahn]   David Kahn, "The Codebreakers: The Story of Secret Writing",
            The Macmillan Company, New York, 1967.

   [Knuth]  D. E. Knuth, Chapter 3 ("Random Numbers") in Volume 2
            ("Seminumerical Algorithms") of "The Art of Computer
            Programming", Addison-Wesley, Reading, MA, 1969.
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   [Kuhn]   Markus G. Kuhn and Ross J. Anderson, "Soft Tempest: Hidden
            Data Transmission Using Electromagnetic Emanations", in
            David Aucsmith, ed., "Information Hiding, Second
            International Workshop, IH'98", Portland, Oregon, USA, 15-17
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            pp. 124-142.

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            Specification for PKI Components (MISPC), Version 1",
            National Institute of Standards Special Publication 800-15,
            Sep 1997.

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            Audit in Trusted Systems", NCSC-TG-001, 1 Jun 1988. (Part of
            the Rainbow Series.)

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            ver. 1, 21 Oct 1988. (Part of the Rainbow Series.)

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            System Evaluation Criteria", NCSC-TG-005, ver. 1, 31 Jul
            1987. (Part of the Rainbow Series.)

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            Information Systems", NCSC-TG-025, ver. 2, Sep 1991. (Part
            of the Rainbow Series.)

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            1.0, RSA Laboratories Technical Note, 1 Nov 1993.

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            ver. 1.0, 28 Apr 1995.
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            ("please laugh loud and hard"); does not contain serious
            security information.]

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            with Corrections to Message Security Protocol, SDN.701, Rev
            4.0", 96-06-07, 30 Aug, 1996.
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   [X520]   ---, Recommendation X.520, "Information Technology--Open
            Systems Interconnection--The Directory: Selected Attribute

   [X680]   ---, Recommendation X.680, "Information Technology--Abstract
            Syntax Notation One (ASN.1)--Specification of Basic
            Notation", 15 Nov 1994. (Equivalent to ISO/IEC 8824-1.)

   [X690]   ---, Recommendation X.690, "Information Technology--ASN.1
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            Canonical Encoding Rules (CER) and Distinguished Encoding
            Rules (DER)", 15 Nov 1994. (Equivalent to ISO/IEC 8825-1.)
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5. Security Considerations

This document only defines security terms and recommends how to use them. It does not describe in detail the vulnerabilities of, threats to, or mechanisms that protect specific Internet protocols.

6. Acknowledgments

Pat Cain, Mike Kong, and Charles Lynn provided meticulous comments on an early draft.

7. Author's Address

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