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RFC 1060


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   MUX                 - Multiplexing Protocol
   NAMESERVER          - Host Name Server
   NETBIOS-DGM         - NETBIOS Datagram Service
   NETBIOS-NS          - NETBIOS Name Service
   NETBIOS-SSN         - NETBIOS Session Service
   NETBLT              - Bulk Data Transfer Protocol
   NETED               - Network Standard Text Editor
   NETRJS              - Remote Job Service
   NI-FTP              - NI File Transfer Protocol
   NI-MAIL             - NI Mail Protocol
   NICNAME             - Who Is Protocol
   NFILE               - A File Access Protocol
   NNTP                - Network News Transfer Protocol
   NSW-FE              - NSW User System Front End
   NTP                 - Network Time Protocol
   NVP-II              - Network Voice Protocol
   OSPF                - Open Shortest Path First Interior GW Protocol
   PCMAIL              - Pcmail Transport Protocol
   POP2                - Post Office Protocol - Version 2
   POP3                - Post Office Protocol - Version 3
   PPP                 - Point-to-Point Protocol
   PRM                 - Packet Radio Measurement
   PUP                 - PUP Protocol
   PWDGEN              - Password Generator Protocol
   QUOTE               - Quote of the Day Protocol
   RARP                - A Reverse Address Resolution Protocol
   RATP                - Reliable Asynchronous Transfer Protocol
   RDP                 - Reliable Data Protocol
   RIP                 - Routing Information Protocol
   RJE                 - Remote Job Entry
   RLP                 - Resource Location Protocol
   RTELNET             - Remote Telnet Service
   RVD                 - Remote Virtual Disk Protocol
   SAT-EXPAK           - Satnet and Backroom EXPAK
   SAT-MON             - SATNET Monitoring
   SEP                 - Sequential Exchange Protocol
   SFTP                - Simple File Transfer Protocol
   SGMP                - Simple Gateway Monitoring Protocol
   SNMP                - Simple Network Management Protocol
   SMI                 - Structure of Management Information
   SMTP                - Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
   SQLSRV              - SQL Service
   ST                  - Stream Protocol
   STATSRV             - Statistics Service
   SU-MIT-TG           - SU/MIT Telnet Gateway Protocol
   SUN-RPC             - SUN Remote Procedure Call
   SUPDUP              - SUPDUP Protocol
   SUR-MEAS            - Survey Measurement

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   SWIFT-RVF           - Remote Virtual File Protocol
   TACACS-DS           - TACACS-Database Service
   TACNEWS             - TAC News
   TCP                 - Transmission Control Protocol
   TELNET              - Telnet Protocol
   TFTP                - Trivial File Transfer Protocol
   THINWIRE            - Thinwire Protocol
   TIME                - Time Server Protocol
   TP-TCP              - ISO Transport Service on top of the TCP
   TRUNK-1             - Trunk-1 Protocol
   TRUNK-2             - Trunk-2 Protocol
   UCL                 - University College London Protocol
   UDP                 - User Datagram Protocol
   NNTP                - Network News Transfer Protocol
   USERS               - Active Users Protocol
   UUCP-PATH           - UUCP Path Service
   VIA-FTP             - VIA Systems-File Transfer Protocol
   VISA                - VISA Protocol
   VMTP                - Versatile Message Transaction Protocol
   WB-EXPAK            - Wideband EXPAK
   WB-MON              - Wideband Monitoring
   XNET                - Cross Net Debugger
   XNS-IDP             - Xerox NS IDP

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                            TERMINAL TYPE NAMES

These are the Official Terminal Type Names.  Their use is described in
RFC-930 [128].  The maximum length of a name is 40 characters.

A terminal names may be up to 40 characters taken from the set of upper-
case letters, digits, and the two punctuation characters hyphen and
slash.  It must start with a letter, and end with a letter or digit.

   ADDS-CONSUL-980                       DATAMEDIA-1521
   ADDS-REGENT-100                       DATAMEDIA-2500
   ADDS-REGENT-20                        DATAMEDIA-3025
   ADDS-REGENT-200                       DATAMEDIA-3025A
   ADDS-REGENT-25                        DATAMEDIA-3045
   ADDS-REGENT-40                        DATAMEDIA-3045A
   ADDS-REGENT-60                        DATAMEDIA-DT80/1
   ADDS-VIEWPOINT                        DATAPOINT-2200
   ADDS-VIEWPOINT-60                     DATAPOINT-3000
   AED-512                               DATAPOINT-3300
   AMPEX-DIALOGUE-210                    DATAPOINT-3360
   AMPEX-DIALOGUE-80                     DEC-DECWRITER-I
   AMPEX-210                             DEC-DECWRITER-II
   AMPEX-230                             DEC-GIGI
   ANDERSON-JACOBSON-510                 DEC-GT40
   ANDERSON-JACOBSON-630                 DEC-GT40A
   ANDERSON-JACOBSON-832                 DEC-GT42
   ANDERSON-JACOBSON-841                 DEC-LA120
   ANN-ARBOR-AMBASSADOR                  DEC-LA30
   ANSI                                  DEC-LA36
   ARDS                                  DEC-LA38
   BITGRAPH                              DEC-VT05
   BUSSIPLEXER                           DEC-VT100
   CALCOMP-565                           DEC-VT101
   CDC-456                               DEC-VT102
   CDI-1030                              DEC-VT125
   CDI-1203                              DEC-VT131
   C-ITOH-101                            DEC-VT132
   C-ITOH-50                             DEC-VT200
   C-ITOH-80                             DEC-VT220
   CLNZ                                  DEC-VT240
   COMPUCOLOR-II                         DEC-VT241
   CONCEPT-100                           DEC-VT300
   CONCEPT-104                           DEC-VT320
   CONCEPT-108                           DEC-VT340
   DATA-100                              DEC-VT50
   DATA-GENERAL-6053                     DEC-VT50H
   DATAGRAPHIX-132A                      DEC-VT52
   DATAMEDIA-1520                        DEC-VT55

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   DEC-VT61                              HP-2649A
   DEC-VT62                              IBM-1050
   DELTA-DATA-5000                       IBM-2741
   DELTA-DATA-NIH-7000                   IBM-3101
   DELTA-TELTERM-2                       IBM-3101-10
   DIABLO-1620                           IBM-3151
   DIABLO-1640                           IBM-3275-2
   DIGILOG-333                           IBM-3276-2
   DTC-300S                              IBM-3276-3
   DTC-382                               IBM-3276-4
   EDT-1200                              IBM-3277-2
   EXECUPORT-4000                        IBM-3278-2
   EXECUPORT-4080                        IBM-3278-3
   FACIT-TWIST-4440                      IBM-3278-4
   FREEDOM-100                           IBM-3278-5
   FREEDOM-110                           IBM-3279-2
   FREEDOM-200                           IBM-3279-3
   GENERAL-TERMINAL-100A                 IBM-5151
   GENERAL-TERMINAL-101                  IBM-5154
   GIPSI-TX-M                            IBM-5081
   GIPSI-TX-ME                           IBM-6153
   GIPSI-TX-C4                           IBM-6154
   GIPSI-TX-C8                           IBM-6155
   GSI                                   IBM-AED
   HAZELTINE-1420                        IBM-3278-2-E
   HAZELTINE-1500                        IBM-3278-3-E
   HAZELTINE-1510                        IBM-3278-4-E
   HAZELTINE-1520                        IBM-3278-5-E
   HAZELTINE-1552                        IBM-3279-2-E
   HAZELTINE-2000                        IBM-3279-3-E
   HAZELTINE-ESPRIT                      IMLAC
   HP-2392                               INFOTON-100
   HP-2621                               INFOTON-400
   HP-2621A                              INFOTONKAS
   HP-2621P                              ISC-8001
   HP-2623                               LSI-ADM-1
   HP-2626                               LSI-ADM-11
   HP-2626A                              LSI-ADM-12
   HP-2626P                              LSI-ADM-2
   HP-2627                               LSI-ADM-20
   HP-2640                               LSI-ADM-22
   HP-2640A                              LSI-ADM-220
   HP-2640B                              LSI-ADM-3
   HP-2645                               LSI-ADM-31
   HP-2645A                              LSI-ADM-3A
   HP-2648                               LSI-ADM-42
   HP-2648A                              LSI-ADM-5
   HP-2649                               MEMOREX-1240

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   MICROBEE                              TELETEC-DATASCREEN
   MICROTERM-ACT-IV                      TELETERM-1030
   MICROTERM-ACT-V                       TELETYPE-33
   MICROTERM-ERGO-301                    TELETYPE-35
   MICROTERM-MIME-1                      TELETYPE-37
   MICROTERM-MIME-2                      TELETYPE-38
   MICROTERM-ACT-5A                      TELETYPE-40
   MICROTERM-TWIST                       TELETYPE-43
   NEC-5520                              TELEVIDEO-910
   NETRONICS                             TELEVIDEO-912
   OMRON-8025AG                          TELEVIDEO-920B
   PERKIN-ELMER-550                      TELEVIDEO-920C
   PERKIN-ELMER-1100                     TELEVIDEO-925
   PERKIN-ELMER-1200                     TELEVIDEO-955
   PERQ                                  TELEVIDEO-950
   PLASMA-PANEL                          TELEVIDEO-970
   QUME-SPRINT-5                         TELEVIDEO-975
   QUME-101                              TERMINET-1200
   QUME-102                              TERMINET-300
   SOROC                                 TI-700
   SOROC-120                             TI-733
   SUN                                   TI-743
   SUPERBEE                              TI-745
   SUPERBEE-III-M                        TI-800
   TEC                                   TYCOM
   TEKTRONIX-4006                        UNIVAC-DCT-500
   TEKTRONIX-4010                        VIDEO-SYSTEMS-1200
   TEKTRONIX-4012                        VIDEO-SYSTEMS-5000
   TEKTRONIX-4013                        VOLKER-CRAIG-303
   TEKTRONIX-4014                        VOLKER-CRAIG-303A
   TEKTRONIX-4023                        VOLKER-CRAIG-404
   TEKTRONIX-4024                        VISUAL-200
   TEKTRONIX-4025                        VISUAL-55
   TEKTRONIX-4027                        WYSE-30
   TEKTRONIX-4105                        WYSE-50
   TEKTRONIX-4107                        WYSE-60
   TEKTRONIX-4110                        WYSE-75
   TEKTRONIX-4112                        WYSE-85
   TEKTRONIX-4113                        XEROX-1720
   TEKTRONIX-4114                        XTERM
   TEKTRONIX-4115                        ZENITH-H19
   TEKTRONIX-4125                        ZENITH-Z29
   TEKTRONIX-4404                        ZENTEC-30

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Top       Page 72 
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Top       Page 73 
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Top       Page 74 
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Top       Page 75 
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   [RXB1]    Ron Bhanukitsiri    DEC       rbhank@DECVAX.DEC.COM

   [RXC]     Rob Chandhok        CMU

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   [RXD]     Roger Dev           Cabletron ---none---

   [RXD1]    Ralph Droms         NRI       rdroms@NRI.RESTON.VA.US

   [RXH]     Reijane Huai        Cheyenne  sibal@CSD2.NYU.EDU

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   [RXN]     Rina Nethaniel      RND       ---none---

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   [RXT]     Ron Thornton        GenRad

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   [SA1]     Sten Andler         IBM

   [SAF3]    Stuart A. Friedberg UWISC     stuart@CS.WISC.EDU

   [SB98]    Stan Barber         BCM       SOB@BCM.TMC.EDU

   [SC3]     Steve Casner        ISI       Casner@ISI.EDU

   [SGC]     Steve Chipman       BBN       Chipman@F.BBN.COM

   [SHB]     Steven Blumenthal   BBN       BLUMENTHAL@VAX.BBN.COM

   [SH37]    Sergio Heker        JVNC      heker@JVNCC.CSC.ORG

   [SL70]    Stuart Levy         UMN       slevy@UC.MSC.UMN.EDU

   [SRN1]    Stephen Northcutt   NSWC      SNORTHC@RELAY-NSWC.NAVY.MIL

   [SS92]    Steve Schoch        NASA      SCHOCH@AMES.ARC.NASA.GOV

   [SXA]     Susie Armstrong     XEROX     Armstrong.wbst128@XEROX.COM

   [SXB]     Scott Bellows       Purdue

   [SXC]     Steve Conklin       Intergraph tesla!

   [SXD]     Steve Deering       Stanford deering@PECASERO.STANFORD.EDU

   [SXH]     Steven Hunter       LLNL      hunter@CCC.MFECC.LLNL.GOV

   [SXK]     Skip Koppenhaver    DAC       stubby!skip@uunet.UU.NET

   [SXL]     Sam Lau             Pirelli/Focom ---none---

   [SXP]     Sanand Patel        Canstar   sanand@HUB.TORONTO.EDU

   [SXS]     Steve Silverman     MITRE     Blankert@MITRE-GATEWAY.ORG

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   [SXS1]    Susie Snitzer       Britton-Lee ---none---

   [SXW]     Steve Waldbusser    CMU

   [TB6]     Todd Baker          3COM      tzb@BRIDGE2.3COM.COM

   [TC27]    Thomas Calderwood   BBN       TCALDERW@BBN.COM

   [TN]      Thomas Narten       Purdue    narten@PURDUE.EDU

   [TU]      Tom Unger           UMich     tom@CITI.UMICH.EDU

   [TXM]     Trudy Miller        ACC       Trudy@ACC.ARPA

   [TXR]     Tim Rylance         Praxis    praxis!tkr@UUNET.UU.NET

   [TXS]     Ted J. Socolofsky   Spider    Teds@SPIDER.CO.UK

   [UB3]     Ulf Bilting         CHALMERS  bilting@PURDUE.EDU

   [UW2]     Unni Warrier        Netlabs   unni@NETLABS.COM

   [VXS]     Vinod Singh         Unify     ---none---

   [VXT]     V. Taylor           CANADA    vktaylor@NCS.DND.CA

   [WDW11]   William D. Wisner             wisner@HAYES.FAI.ALASKA.EDU

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   [WLB8]    William L. Biagi    Advintech

   [WM3]     William Melohn      SUN       Melohn@SUN.COM

   [WXS]     Wayne Schroeder     SDSC      schroeder@SDS.SDSC.EDU

   [VXW]     Val Wilson          Spider

   [YXK]     Yoav Kluger         Spartacus ykluger@HAWK.ULOWELL.EDU

   [YXW]     Y.C. Wang           Network Application Technology

   [XEROX]   Fonda Pallone       Xerox     ---none---

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   [ZSU]     Zaw-Sing Su         SRI       ZSu@TSCA.ISTC.SRI.COM

Security Considerations

   Security issues are not discussed in this memo.

Authors' Addresses:

   Joyce K. Reynolds
   University of Southern California
   Information Sciences Institute
   4676 Admiralty Way
   Marina del Rey, CA 90292

   Phone: (213) 822-1511


   Jon Postel
   University of Southern California
   Information Sciences Institute
   4676 Admiralty Way
   Marina del Rey, CA 90292

   Phone: (213) 822-1511